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  1. Freeman is gonna learn. He’s a young man Tough loss against an experienced coach in Van Gundy. Defense was gassed. Oline looked like 2 Freshman were playing. They’ll get back to work, but this game is gonna sting for a long long time….
  2. ND needs to get mean on the O line…period. If you don’t like being called a kitten, move over.
  3. How bad is Buchners Hammy? Sure would be nice to have him available
  4. Best fair catch specialist I’ve seen…
  5. I know you still love me, big boy.......
  6. This coach seems like she is in over her head...
  7. Seems odd considering Harbaugh is a dead man walking.. Not sure the attraction given he has no idea who he may be playing for and what offense they may run...,
  8. You forgot one... Great coaches don’t continue to pass the ball in the middle of a fvcking hurricane against an inferior team!!!
  9. Hey AZ, welcome back!!! Good to see an old member...
  10. Yeah, you’re involvement on this board is priceless... Thanks a bunch, buddy
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