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  1. Minchey has such a great release but bad decisions. Carr looking like a seasoned QB already. Angeli looking like a good solid QB.
  2. Haven't been following the thread but just a reminder, Blue/Gold Game on Peacock https://fightingirish.com/2024-blue-gold-game-set-for-april-20/?fbclid=IwAR2ae16-gbLYiA1E8zfUR6TiG1A9Ldfg1qI4seVEfUiflwRvWFtEQOFvAuE
  3. DECOMMITMENT! Is this old news? https://www.si.com/college/notredame/recruiting/defensive-end-cj-may-decommits-from-notre-dame?fbclid=IwAR2StZxbsF_9igUNHw3Tl8Em_oqxJ3wYjdsQ0QvMpSVrT0bYeK4hU9kbv60
  4. I'll say this. Let's see how Tommy does and see if he gets any years as a head coach. If, (and that's a huge if) he is successful, I personally wouldn't mind seeing him come back to ND in some fashion. Maybe Head Coach years from now? It'd be a nice connection.
  5. Being reported Tommy is going to land with UGA as a Co Offensive Coordinator. Anyone else hearing this?
  6. Good game boys. Glad I wasn't emotionally invested or I may have felt joy. LOL Looking forward to a better year next Year! GO IRISH!!
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