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  1. Nope, its a big game, no doubt, but not a rival.....ND will always have 2 games on the schedule - Navy, for obvious reasons, and USC, because they are our rival....any other teams, if the need arises, would be dropped
  2. ^^^This guy gets it.....ND has one rival, its USC
  3. There isn't a MLB in the country the is going to cover WR - Funchess......kind of a bad example. There is no question that Schmidt is a liability on anything across the field though...
  4. It wasn't good, but don't forget that Collinsworth got hurt late Thursday in practice, so his replacement had the walk through on Friday with the 1's....Hopefully a full week of practice will help
  5. Holy shyt....Stank, how you been ?
  6. Same here.....Let's work on our LB's and DB's in coverage before we send the DL out in space.
  7. Good morning gentlemen....Happy gameday....GO IRISH !!!!
  8. Waller will probably end up at Oregon, it was the offer he was waiting on...
  9. I think you should try and take a QB every recruiting cycle.....If Golson goes down, and it's a career threatening type of injury, we have two guys that have never taken a snap.... In Kelly's type of offense, its never a bad idea to have at least 2 QB's ready to go. To do that, you really need 4 on your roster....
  10. Umm....no. A 5 gallon bucket of muscle weighs more than a 5 gallon bucket of fat....a pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as a pound of fat
  11. Everyone has a plan to beat Alabama right now - up until Bama punches square in the mouth, then they have no idea what to do Talk is cheap...
  12. Going to be a long day.....I think we are leaving for Pitt around 8am....
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