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  1. WR and DL will be the most interesting positions to follow this summer. Seems like ND is the leader for Derek Meadows and Tanook Hines, but neither is a done deal or anything. Curious about some of the new names emerging. Wonder if it has anything to do with Shaun Terry going to Mizzou on a visit or if they envision Bettis more as a safety (to be clear, have not heard that). But maybe ND just wants to take 5 guys after losing a bunch of younger guys to the portal after last season.
  2. Rivals noted that he was one of the top WRs there and one of the few who stood out consistently in poor weather conditions. Should get a nice ratings bump soon.
  3. Wonder if a commitment to ND affects the Trystan Haynes recruitment. I certainly hope not because Haynes is a difference maker, but Zackery would be the 3rd CB. Not sure ND is going to take 4 CBs this cycle.
  4. On3 Consensus: 4-star, #104 overall, #12 S 247: 4-star, #83 overall, #9 S Rivals: 4-star, #147 overall, #15 CB On3: 4-star, #125 overall, #14 S Offers: Alabama, Auburn, Boston College, Cincinnati, Clemson, Colorado, Duke, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, South Carolina, Syracuse, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, UCF, USC, West Virginia, Wisconsin
  5. Anyone have any predictions? Here are mine: Alt: First Round (#7 to Titans) Fisher: Third Round Hart: Third Round Estime: Fourth Round Bertrand: Fifth Round Liafau: Sixth Round Jean-Baptiste: Seventh Round Hartman: UDFA
  6. Good call, that's right. And yes, it was Jeter. It was woefully short.
  7. I don't believe they attempted any FGs. Keep in mind, several walk-on kickers attempted PATs. Mitch Jeter is the starter. He is a grad transfer from South Carolina. He was a very good kicker the last two seasons (12-14 FG, long of 51 yards in 2023; 11-11 FG, long of 50 yards (twice) in 2022). He doesn't have the leg of Schrader, but he is more accurate. The punting situation is the major ST question mark. It sounds like ND will get someone from the portal now that McFerson is gone.
  8. Any update on Greathouse? He came up gimpy near the end of the game.
  9. I'm curious if they'll just go with Goins (30-year old Citadel transfer) or if they will try to snag someone in the Portal. They'll have limited spots. I think they are sitting at 88 now. It sounds like a CB transfer from Rice is visiting tomorrow (Tre'Shon Devones), and I would think they'd be potentially looking for an OT (starting caliber) and DT (depending on the Rubio and Tyson Ford situations - it sounds like Rubio plans to come back but Ford might not). So, that is potentially 3 incoming transfers (although, I'd be shocked if ND found a starting caliber OT), so they'd need about 5-6 guys to transfer out. I would bet that many transfer out.
  10. Recent reports from the man himself are not overly positive on ND's chances. Not a great development.
  11. Agree with a lot of this. I see the same thing with you on Boggs. I don't get the sense that ND will win that one. He seems destined for the SEC. I think the Blair and Taylor visits are huge because ND likely trails for both. Blair would make this safety class one of the best nationally (with Taylor and Long, who I like a lot). Taylor would be a great WR to pair with Meadows (not an ND lock, but ND comfortably ahead it sounds like). Right now, not sure ND lands either. It's been reported that PSU (maybe even Michigan) leads for Blair, which coincided with O'Leary heading to the NFL. I think ND can win that one, but they will have to come from behind. For Taylor, he's called UGA his dream school. He seems to really like Michigan as well. I don't have a good sense of where he'll end up, just a hunch that it won't be ND. I think Campbell would be a terrific add. Credit to ND. They were out in front of this one, as he's added some major offers since ND (Ohio State, Georgia, LSU, Alabama). He's got officials lined up for Ohio State, Kentucky, Alabama, and Georgia. ND needs to get him back to campus this summer to have any shot.
  12. On3 Consensus: 4-star, #225 overall, #27 LB 247: 4-star, #231 overall, #27 LB Rivals: 4-star, #57 overall, #7 LB On3: 3-star, #50 LB Offers: Alabama, Duke, Florida State, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, Oregon, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, South Carolina, Syracuse, Tennessee, Texas A&M, USC, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Wisconsin
  13. I'm really interested to follow as well. It seems like ND is in great shape for those three, plus Brady Smigiel from CA (Oregon and ND are reportedly Top 2). The rankings are a little all over the place for these four guys. I think Smigiel and Hart would be my top two choices. Wilfong has a crystal ball for ND to land Hart. And Grubbs visited ND over the weekend. ND is in a great spot. On3 Consensus: Lyons (#5 overall, #1 QB), Smigiel (#42 overall, #4 QB), Hart (#110 overall, #9 QB), Grubbs (#113 overall, #10 QB) 247: Smigiel (#42 overall, #4 QB) is the only one in the Top 100 (247 doesn't have a Top 247 for the 2026 class yet) Rivals: Smigiel (#4 overall, #1 QB), Lyons (#6 overall, #2 QB), Grubbs (#44 overall, #5 QB), Hart (#49 overall, #6 QB)
  14. On3 Consensus: 3-star, #702 overall, #113 WR 247: 3-star, #51 WR Rivals: 3-star, #99 WR On3: 3-star, #126 WR Offers: Arkansas, Boston College, Cal, Duke, Georgia Tech, Kansas, Louisville, Missouri, NC State, Ole Miss, Purdue, Texas A&M, UCF
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