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  1. Why are they highlighting OSU players? Great player, but come on.
  2. Have a OSu grad, USC grad on the pregame.wth And a PSu grad. Yuck man
  3. Sampson said there were a ton. Who knows. ND fans duck in this area, we sell like Crack fiends.
  4. Need to shore up the line. I have PTSD from some of these games. Need a Clemson showing and we will be good to go.
  5. Fear! Ha...I believe we have a chance, just need to not BK the big game.
  6. 8-5 Losses to USC, Clemson ,OSU, NC state. Lose the bowl game for number 5.
  7. Parker was very lazy hire, but hope it works.
  8. ND has more money than it needs. It is a slap in the face, I will not donate to this.
  9. Jack is such a prick. Nice touch to ask for money.
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