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Spring Football 2024: Blue-Gold game set for April 20

Message added by Mike,

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Spring football!  Finally!     - What a good problem to have, I guess:  "...4 starting QB's".   

Carr looks like he added a lot of muscle.  Angeli does everything well.  Minchey is so smooth.  And Leonard is the starter.  

IMO, spring is bigger this year b/c I don't see how all 4 stick around in the fall.  This is gonna be a battle for #1-#4.


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OL from today's (3/20) practice reports:


I an guessing that RG and RT might see the most competition between now and the first game.

*** The first team offensive line left to right:

LT Charles Jagusah
LG Pat Coogan
C Ashton Craig
RG Billy Schrauth
RT Tosh Baker

*** The second team left to right:

LT Sullivan Absher
LG Sam Pendleton
C Joe Otting
RG Rocco Spindler
RT Aamil Wagner

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Listened to the above youtube video.

@jbrown_9999 nailed the offensive line

@Baldy is  all over X!(twitter)


More of a power day than a skill day

The media got interviews with Al Washington(DL) and Rudolph OL and their players.

As J said. the tackles are spots to watch. Jagusah is thought to be a dominant guard needing to play tackle. Baker has the huge frame just needs to put it together Billy would have some competition from Rocco but Spinder is 90 percent back from injury and Billy is thought to be rising at RG.

Big news from DL is Rubio is back watching practices. They mentioned academics so thats never great.

DL referenced as deep. Onye looks to have a taken another step forward

Just a quick video obversation

looked like Kizer at the Mac and Sneed at the Money in 2 lane linebacker drills. 2 lane indicate nickel preparation. We were a nickel team in 2023


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