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  1. Washington was actually a school that Meadows was very high on early when Deboer was there. When DeBoer went to Bama, he continued that relationship and now has the weight of Alabama behind him
  2. Being recruited as an interior player. They see his body type as similar to Mills. Not sure how I feel about this DL as a whole. There is a lot of low floor/unknown upside players in this current class. Getting one or maybe even two of them on their own is fine, but you have 4 players (Dixon, Reiff, Hulak, and Sulfsted) who fit this mold. The only high floor/high upside guy you have is Burgess.
  3. Boggs is no longer an option for ND. Meadows is trending away, but they are still in it.
  4. No SEC schools or Florida schools for NOB really make me feel better about his recruitment. Honestly, a little shocked.
  5. Blair is rumored to be announcing on this birthday I think (which is July 5th) Owusu-Baoteng does not have a leader currently and will be a long recruitment for every team. Boggs seems to have been removed as a possibility. Wish I knew when Faraimo was going to announce, he would definitely be a steal in my opinion; almost as big as KVA.
  6. It is quite funny and every fanbase thinks their team should be ranked higher than they are. BUT not having ND in a top 30 when most have ND right around #10 (where they should be) going into the season is just ridiculous.
  7. If I was a betting man, yes. I think Notre Dame has an outside chance (more than just a hat on the table).
  8. Some "not-so-good" news: Meadows is going to be a battle until the end. Many were seeing him as a ND lean, but that may not be the case.
  9. What is also unexpected is that Talyn Taylor is scheduled to visit ND again from what I understand. I do think his interest is elsewhere and ND is running 2-4 right now. I was kind of hoping they could pull Petty in for a late visit and blow him away, but no visit, no chance.
  10. Jalen Wiggins offer is quite interesting. Why offer a committed player, top 100 prospect, this late into the cycle if the interest from him is not already high? Has a Stanford offer and I believe he is visiting there as well, which shows he does value academics. ND is excellent at both football and academics!!! Very interesting offer in my opinion.
  11. There is talk about Notre Dame possibly taking a 4th CB, especially if it is Haynes. However, ND is also looking at taking a 5th WR (Boggs, Meadows, Hines), a 4th OL (Petty), an additional DL (???), and a 4th LB (NOB, Mikhail, Faraimo, Nix). It may just depend on how they see those other positions playing out.
  12. Honestly, this kid should probably be considered a 5* player. The kid is a stud, puts up massive stats against EXCELLENT competition in Florida. Every single school wanted this kid. He is criminally underrated in my opinion. This is a massive commitment for ND. He may be the most gifted player in the class regardless of who ND lands from here on out in 2025. Even if ND gets their dream finish to this class (Meadows, Boggs, Faraimo, NOB, Zachary, Haynes, and Blair), I would still consider Golden the top prospect in the class.
  13. Estime is a steal at that pick... Still think he is the best back in the class
  14. Some are speculating it is Jalen Wiggins who is currently committed to Florida and a top 100 player. However, I have not heard the name from an actual insider or whether it is legitimate interest. Interesting note: it does seem like he had a committable offer from Stanford and was one of his top schools at one point.
  15. RBs in general are just not as coveted these days because their shelf life is so small.
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