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'24 NJ DL Owen Wafle [Offer]

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On3 Consensus: 4-star, #227 overall, #20 DL

247: 4-star, #218 overall, #18 DL

Rivals: 4-star, #182 overall, #12 DL

On3: 3-star, #36 DL

Offers: Boston College, Iowa, Michigan State, Minnesota, Rutgers, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, West Virginia

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1 hour ago, mcgov12 said:

Fully expect him to kick inside…saw his dad too ndfanatic, I think this kid is going to put on another 30-40 by the time he’s said and done with at ND. 

His dad made Owen look like a high school freshman and not a 270 pound lineman

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Per SI


The loss leaves a hole in the middle of the defensive line with the Notre Dame class, but according to sources this wasn't necessarily a decision made by Wafle alone. This appears to be a situation where Notre Dame also had other priorities, and there was no longer room left in the class for the talented defensive tackle.


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So just sounds like ND may be leading or knowing they have another kid possibly locked up and let the young kid know that he may not be in the two deep if he decides to join. Or this kid saw the writing in the wall. Either way, good on both if communication was truly involved here. 
Let’s hope this means good news is coming in the future…

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