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American Sniper

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Saw it today.... very well done. I read the book a while back, so I don't fully remember it, but the movie is pretty good. I'd recommend it if people haven't seen it. Kind of a bro cry movie though..... be armed with an excuse when you tear up. The 2 I suggest are:


1. "Dammit... out of napkins and somehow I've gotten popcorn salt in my eyes."


2. "They need to change the air filters in here.... the pollen is really making my allergies kick up."

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Saw this last night. Excellent movie. Hits close to home for me and probably a lot of people. I will just say that I have a close cousin who deployed 3 times to Iraq and Afghanistan, and I'm still waiting for him to come home. The physical body is here, but the goofy kid and wisecracking man he became....I'm still waiting on him to come home.

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My son is leaving for his 5th tour in a few weeks. He is a Sergent Major in the Special Forces.

Although he has never mentioned any missions, he has discussed sniper training and the mentality of a good sniper. It is usually a spotter and a shooter and it can really demoralize the enemy.

It is not for everyone.

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My wife really wants to see this movie. After reading this thread, I do too. It almost sounds kind of like "Lone Survivor" from last year which was awesome.


Anyone here seen Taken 3 yet?


I saw Taken 3 last weekend. Meh. Glad there was finality to it but I didn't like how they suddenly changed the opposition. Much more 'believable' (I know, lol) if it was the scorned/out-for-revenge family from the first two movies. I could have sworn they were going to go with Kim's boyfriend from Taken 2 as the grandkid of the Albanians, but I was way off on that. Tell me he doesn't look Albanian...



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