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  1. Ohio State QB C.J. Stroud to Enter 2023 NFL Draft - Sports Illustrated Well this certainly doesn't hurt our chances for next season's game. Does anyone know much about his replacement, or what their depth chart looks like?
  2. I figured he must have caught wind about an inevitable QB acquisition via the transfer portal. Either that or he thinks like me that Tommy is not a great O coordinator 😂
  3. Yea but the wife's still working out there lol Her time might get cut short though. They're filming a Jason Mamoa movie and using Hilo as homebase. 🌋
  4. Sorry for the language to those more modest of members, but I’ve had some pops, I hate that team like no other, and worst of all I’m not in Hawaii anymore gottdammit.
  5. The good: Thank God I was in Hawaii because at least I was in gottdamn Hawaii for this insanely disappointing game. Receivers did well with the chances they had. The D had that piece of sh!t on the run more than I thought they would. Mayer cemented his place as the best TE in the nation. The Bad: The tackling. The backers inability to fill gaps or contain. The cushions given to receivers on the edges. The 2 turnovers, and of course that 4th down flop. This game always gets me bad. Real bad. For those that don’t know me, I live pretty close to that cesspool they call the coliseum. I have seen more ass whoopings in that sh!thole than anybody should have to see. I remember the 80s and 90s when the condoms were absolute garbage, and they couldn’t fill that dump with more than 10,000 people. And now to watch them go from focking 4-8 to 11-1 and probably soon 12-1 is the most insulting thing I have seen in a long time. We just saw what one really good QB can do for a relatively average team, and yes they are a pretty average team without him (and Dye). Do the right thing Marcus, get a real gottdamn offensive coordinator, and get your ass a real QB via the portal. We probably beat Marshall and Stanford with a good QB and go into LA 10-1 on a 10 game win streak with a completely different mindset. Pyne did his best and bravo to him, but he is average AF and ND is not an average AF school.
  6. I don’t know about UGA crushing Meatchicken though. They’re playing as good as anyone and just housed an incredible offense on their own field. I don’t know that UM can win, but I doubt they’d get crushed.
  7. Good showing Irish. I expect to see more of the same next week against the condoms. Ground and pound and mix in some play action. Aggressive D so let's see a lot of misdirection Tommy! Now let's get ready to watch the Bruins soften the condoms up for us next week. So many games in the past the rubbers have been able to schedule a bye the week before ND while we would be getting pounded by Navy or someone else. UCLA is going to give the prophylactics everything they can handle tonight. No time to rest. Go Irish!
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