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  1. If Meyer ever became our coach I'd really have to think about continuing my lifelong fandom of Notre Dame football.
  2. No offense, but his personality is almost of a stone so I could see where Fortt was coming from not knowing him.
  3. 1. Seantrel Henderson 2. Anthony Barr 3. Denzel McCoy 4. Cody Riggs 5. Spencer Boyd
  4. I wish they would broadcast this shit over the internet or tv at least...it's really annoying.
  5. I'm expecting Wenger to take another big step foward and anchor the line for the next 2 years (I assume he'd come back for a 5th.)
  6. They're soft...that's vacation weather out there.
  7. Sam Young was also the highest ranked Tackle and overall top 10 player that year too.
  8. Definently defensive end IMO. We brought in 3 DE's in last years class, but two of them are more of a DT/DE hybrid (Johnson/Cwynar) and KLM is the only one not in that mold. We don't have any DE's committed in this class and we don't run the 3-4 exclusively in every game so I think it's important to pull out a couple out of the remaining guys on our board (LaLota, Roh, Bonds, Inkard.)
  9. Well Zook can't pay Watt like he did Benn because the eyes are on him now.
  10. Shrive will not decommit from PSU because a good guard committed to us that's just being rediculous.
  11. Rock...how long do you think it'll take till we found out who you're talking about?
  12. I agree with Ziggy that we'll land LaLota this weekend. I see Banks choosing us in the end although that may not be this weekend. I see Watt going to O$U and Mike Jones getting his official offer when he visits and committing.
  13. After this season Bruton will have no eligibility left remaining. The only people I can fathum getting a 5th year granted is McCarthy, Schwapp, and MAYBE Sharpley.
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