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  1. 1. Florida 2. Stanford T3. ND among others No FSU here
  2. But Barr prefers running back, wants to be like Brandon Jacobs. says it is his 'natural fit'
  3. I say DE for Barr. I really really want this guy. Just like Seantrel Henderson and Chris Martin (even though we already have him)
  4. To be honest, I think we sit 3rd with Prater... right behind Illinois (leader) and Oklahoma
  5. Just lay it on me today. Thursday April 16th was not a day to remember in Irish recruiting. 1. James Hurst, INDIANA 5 STAR, takes ND out of the top 5. 2. CJ Feiderowicz (ILLINOIS TIGHT END!) takes ND out of his top 2. 3. Tai-Ler Jones (NOTRE DAME LEGACY) selects a school that plays ND annually. 4. Now Seantrel Henderson isn't going to be at the Spring Game and has been just toying with ND about visiting. Anyone else just feel like they got kicked in the nuts? We need good news, SOON
  6. I'm from Columbus, hate the Buckeyes, but I hear really good information about them. I'm NOT claiming this to be true, but the Buckeye insider CLAIMS that we sit fourth on the board for CJ. Supposedly he didn't like a 'recruiting tactic' we used. I'd REALLY like to know if this is anywhere near true. But anyways, just saying. I still think there is a chance we could work our way back up but it looks unlikely right now.
  7. Says he had a great relationship with John Latina but when he got the ax Notre Dame fell off. Eliminated Bammer too, his dad went there. Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina and Ohio State and someone else I forget are his top 5. Didn't see that or Feiderowicz coming.
  8. Wow, where did that come from? Didn't see it coming. I cant believe we havent offered another tight end...
  9. We've all fell for the game. Let's admit it and move on. Every time a recruit sets an announcement date and we think (or know) we aren't going to get the recruit, we slowly let ourselves and the possibility that the recruit is wavering and truly undecided come into our minds until we think we actually are going to get him. It ain't happening fellas. And when it doesn't happen lets wish Andre the best for his son. Good luck Tai-Ler whether it be at North Carolina which is most likely, Stanford, and Georgia. I wish you no luck if you choose the Buckeyes!
  10. Most true statement I have ever seen. Nevada will give us fits. Dead Serious.
  11. On the Rivals college football recruiting message board (with only premium members) every Nebraska insider has Chance in their mock class. The thing with him is he just likes every school so much so every team involved thinks they are getting him
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