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  1. He's a big play receiver. He will benefit on the outside with our TEs and a strong running game including the addition of a running QB. He actually had 6 catches, 157 yds and a TD against Arkansas. I've learned quickly that you're a glass half empty kinda guy, but they are Power 5 in the SEC.
  2. Kris Mitchell had 64 catches (1st on team) for 1118 yards (1st on team) and 7 TDs (1st on team) in 2023 (QBs had 220 completions for 2760 yards and 12 TDs). Beaux Collins had 38 catches (3rd on team) for 510 yards (2nd on team) and 3 TDs (3rd on team) in 2023 (QBs had 272 completions for 2705 yards and 20 TDs) I think having a clear cut #1 in Mitchell and a reputable possession guy like Beaux Collins will definitely help on the outside especially with our TE production over the years.
  3. yes sorry, meant to quote tneun89's post Yes, as @jessemoore97 said above, this is the only year for Leonard. Here is a realistic scenario for the QB depth chart, as I think/hope Leonard will be the last transfer QB after ND taking one in 3 of the last 4 years: 2024: Leonard, Minchey, Carr (Angeli transfers at some point, I think) 2025: Minchey and Carr compete for QB1, Knight 2026: Carr/Minchey (whoever lost the battle in 2025 transfers), Knight, 2026 QB recruit I can see ND bringing in a grad transfer in 2025 if the loser of the QB competition transfers right away, but I would guess the competition would start in spring and go all the way through preseason camp.
  4. We also added Anthony Rezac, QB. I know he was a preferred walk-on, but he had D1 offers. A depth guy at least.
  5. Thank you. He's projected to be a 165 in college. He's like 180 right now during football season. He took 6th at NHSCA HS Nationals last year as a junior, and lost in the blood round in Fargo for Greco, and the rd before blood round in Freestyle.
  6. I hope everyone is doing well. Just checking in. Tough few weeks of games with the OSU heartbreaker, Duke nailbiter, then Louisville loss, and thankfully a bounce back game with the thrashing of USC. We needed that bye week! My family is doing well. My son is a senior now, and just committed to wrestle at Division 1 Rider University. He'll be on a full scholarship (split between academic and athletic). My oldest daughter is a junior now, and is looking to play field hockey & softball in college, and my two little ones just started playing travel sports, so we get to do it all over again. I'm still teaching/coaching, coaching HS football, MS wrestling, and now college softball at a local community college. I'm hoping we can get some help from other head to head losses, and maybe sneak back into the playoff conversation, but I know that's a long shot. I'll take one of the New Years 6 bowls as a consolation. Go Irish!!
  7. CB - Bellamy to Syracuse https://www.si.com/college/syracuse/recruiting/notre-dame-db-transfer-jayden-bellamy-commits-syracuse
  8. @SynopticoI usually check in once in awhile, but life has been crazy busy and I don't really follow recruiting as much. Still never miss an ND game, but getting to South Bend for a game and following the ins/outs of recruiting has been a lot tougher over the years with our busy schedules. I tried logging in during the early signing period, but I couldn't figure out which email I used then I realized it was my old AOL account lol. How's everything going? I'm still married, father of 4 now, and still coach HS football. I've since added Middle School wrestling and College softball to my list of sports I coach. My son is a sophomore, two year starter at FB/LB for our HS team. The Tailback that started ahead of him just committed to Division II Kutztown University, so he should be the main back this year. My son's passion is wrestling though. He hopes to earn a scholarship in wrestling. He's 63-5 in two years so far. During Covid last year, we moved with my uncle and he placed 3rd in GHSA 7A States. We've since moved back to NJ, and he's the #1 seed in Districts as individual postseason starts on Saturday. My oldest daughter is a frosh, she started Varsity in Field hockey and is hoping to start softball as well. I have two little ones 5 and 7 who are just getting into sports. They're all Notre Dame fans like their dad. I've spent many hours on this site, and other ND sites and it's where my love for Notre Dame football grew to almost an obsession lol. We had some great times following NSDs and Bowl games. The conversation and debates were always great. I'll def check in again soon. GO IRISH!! Anyone who wants to follow me or my kids on Twitter. I hope to check in a little bit more. It's always great visiting the site!! Twitter.com/czearfoss Twitter.com/ZearfossJake Twitter.com/RylieZearfoss
  9. It's been awhile. Just wanted to stop in and say hi. I was checking out the recruits we picked up, and our national team ranking. I think it's going to be a great haul in the long run. I hope everyone is doing well. Life update: 4 kids now. My son is a frosh in HS and I have 3 daughters (4, 6, 13) My son started FB/LB as a frosh for our local HS (small school in South Jersey). His passion is wrestling though, so he hopes to go to college for that. My oldest daughter is into softball, plays/trains 10 months out of the year and loves field hockey too. Fortunately my kids take up all of my free time, so I cant follow the recruiting trail like I used to, but I do miss the debates with you guys & knowing everything about every potential player like the old days lol. I still coach HS football, but gave up HS baseball to help run the travel softball organization my daughter plays for (with the two young ones, I expect to keep that going for years). I'll try to stop in from time to time. Be safe!! GO IRISH!!
  10. Thanks guys. Coach K is killing it in recruiting. Up and down year so far, I just hope that they'll peak going into the Tourney. Lets start with a win over UNC on thurs.
  11. It's been awhile. NSD has checking out some recruiting. I hope everyone is doing well. I read stuff from time to time. I'm super busy with my two oldest kids' sports schedules and two young babies now. Hopefully I can visit more frequently in the 2017 season. Happy NSD everyone.
  12. thanks guys, he's had a great year. We faced our toughest test this past week, a very athletic team that was undefeated in the season finale, we won 24-13 then two weeks later had to face them in a rematch. We ended up winning 12-6 in OT. It was a great game. We controlled the whole game, but couldn't punch it in. Our defense gave up 2 first downs the whole game and they were on the first two drives. We're (10-0) now and play in the championship this Saturday. He has 37 TDs and about 1700 yards. Here's the updated Highlights, most of the new ones are towards the end. (video may still be processing). The last clip is the OT winner. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0rCk2Hh6fk[/ame]
  13. [ame]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpiKcrNyR_s[/ame] update still undefeated 7-0. He's had an insane year. 29 TDs and over 1200 yds.
  14. he's a 4 sport athlete (this yr he has to decide between basketball or wrestling), no personal trainer yet lol, just an 8 yr old that's having fun. he's only 4 ft 3, no big expectations here. Just teaching him to play hard.
  15. he surprised me this yr. when he was 6 he was in a 5-6 yr old league that was basically fastest kid to the outside scored and he scored a lot, but i knew the defenses werent that good. Last yr he was MVP of our 7-8 yr old team as a 7 yr old, but he didnt really have a lot of homerun TDs bc the defenses were better at this level. Then first game this yr, he breaks loose for 4 TDs, and had about 14 tackles from his MLB spot. Prob the most dominant I've ever seen him play, so I decided to do a little highlight reel for him.
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