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  1. Anyone know what's going on with McKinley... I'm getting a bit nervous and have no clue on what ND's chances are with a kid who has flipped a couple times in the past year. I'm not too optimistic on Caleb Kelly - nor Robertson - although between the two, Robertson would seem to have the better possibility of signing, call it 10%... Hometown U with a new head coach and wide open depth chart is a real tough pitch to overcome...
  2. Bars, Bivin, Montelus, Mustipher, Hoge, McGovern and Kraemer all could beat Elmer out... Sorry but he has not lived up to his recruiting prophile and in general was the weak link in a very good offensive line. Questions to ask: - has he ever been diagnosed with a concussion ? - are we 100% sure he has not graduated or will not finish after a summer session? - who are his friends on the team - does he enjoy the grind/game ?
  3. Can someone explain how this identifies a particular student athlete? That's a major shortcoming in espn's position. The trailer did not make any representation or direct reference to Robertson - This is a non-issue
  4. Anyone have any Jordan Fuller news ? I've got a feeling that he would be an immediate starter at safety next to Max Redfield
  5. Really don't like that the television networks prevented the game from being moved up to a noon kickoff... It's a shame that weather will be an undeniable factor for the biggest game on the card
  6. The big thing is play/coverage recognition. He needs to see his target sooner to allow his long release to deliver a strong and tight ball. All that being said, Wimbush is a better prospect in this system. The give/run read is something Kizer will struggle with... If I'm a betting man, I'd predict more Luatua this game and AlexBars to be our goal line tight end... It's going to be a physical battle
  7. Hearing some strong comments about the #1 pro style QB in 2017 - could give a verbal commitment before the 4th of July
  8. Rumors of marijuana use amongst players... although it is has been alleged multiple players involved. Could be a dismissal from the team for one of the players I guess this is one way to get to 85
  9. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1672042/highlights/233416378/v2 Not sure the level of competition or where they want to play him (cb, fs, wr, slot, ?) but he has some confidence on the field and looks quick twitch in his cutting. Good frame to carry 15-20 more pounds. ..if I'm projecting a comparable... Bennett Jackson ? Not all that bad
  10. Maybe I'm being naive - but this could have been an accident ? Right ?
  11. da coach


    Who has ND sent to Marion ? Agreed that other transfer options wouldn't be available, but I don't know if the NFL supplemental is too tough to bend their admittance process... One could argue that his declaration was inhibited by his eligibility being in limbo or undecided by the coaching staff, which is a gray area at best
  12. da coach


    NFL Supplemental Draft
  13. My gut tells me, He's staying, he's going to be the starting quarterback at Notre Dame, most people who reach that level of competition are fighters, they rise to the challenges in front of them and they succeed... They don't do that by running from adversity. If he leaves, it goes against his behavior and athletic pedigree...kid was a multi sport state champion. He would have to be awfully beaten down to have regressed to the point of submission...especially after his fight to get back into school and graduate... However that graduation goal will have been achieved and his next 12 months should be spent preparing for his career... Lets just say the list of suitors would be long and intriguing from the SEC to the PAC12 and ACC. So I do understand why he may even have some curiosity. If he does go, it would be an acknowledged wart on Brian Kelly's resume... Golson was a hand picked, Whitfield camped for a year, redshirted for a season under Kellly, started on a #1 ranked team and for the majority of his career has been one of the best quarterbacks in the ncaa... I hate to say it, but Brian Kelly needs to make this work...He's gotta help Ev win back the locker room. The year away from the program was detrimental to the locker room. Malik's best attribute has largely been his ability to lead and not turn the ball over. If Golson adapts any of those attributes into his game, he would win the job and serve as an on the field leader within the skill players...sounds corny but he's gotta win 7 on 7 - he's competing against the best secondary in the country (I said it) - someone has to raise the bar on offense during the week to help that translate to Saturday. If we are going to posture on where he goes... UCLA, Florida and Northwestern are my front runners for where he lands... UCLA will use him as a bridge before Rosen is ready, Florida will have a new coaching staff for the entire team and Ev would be on the biggest stage SEC Saturday in a "down year" for the sec ... Northwestern is an interesting option as the Big Ten has been familiar foe for Ev and there are undeniable media/pr benefits w/ Northwestern having media deals with the big ten network, cbs radio and espn Now with all of that being said, the opportunity for Ev to be the only quarterback to take Notre Dame to multiple championship games since ??? He would build his legacy to one of the greatest in school/program history. Further, this is the most talented team top to bottom that Ev could play for, ND is closer to a title than any of the aforementioned programs... Big games, big broadcast events, Big wins, will translate into big awards and big dollars as his draft stock has the highest ceiling at ND. It's just smarter to stay and win
  14. Found out these three are participating in the first ever NFL veteran combine. Cierre smoked himself out of the league, but no denying he has the ability to be a #2 or #3 back for a team... From there...crazier things have happened- however I think Woods biggest activity will be proving to coaches he's ready to be a pro and pull a check. Expect a team that's up against the cap and in need of depth takes a nibble (New Orleans, Giants, Buccs, Seahawks) Golic Jr. - He has played in smaller professional leagues and would certainly be a benefit for a teams community/public relations- San Diego went thru about 4 centers last year and while Golic ideally has spent the past 2 years to heal, grow and refine technique- CHI, SD, DET, TB, MIA Fox - Danny had a run with the Giants linebacking unit...With more teams using the 3-4, Fox could be a nice fit as an ILB and special teams contributor- Will need to run well, but hometown Cleveland should take a sniff...Oakland, Jets, Bills and Bears also are changing defensive coordinators and new faces in new places breeds coaches falling for try hard guys like Dan... Any other Irish players out there that you know are bouncing around looking to get back into NFL...
  15. I'm willing to bet a few temporary bleachers COULD be brought in
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