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  1. I don't know exactly what they're talking about, but when I've had to listen to games ont he radio, I find it almost impossible to tell what the down and distance is, or how many yards were gained on a given play -- because they never mesh. Too often he'll announce the team gained 8 yards, then it will be 2nd and 5. Well, which is it? That's a huge problem for a radio announcer, because we obviously can't see it on the field, and there's no graphic telling us it's 2nd and 2. His voice is iconic, but it's really hard to listen to.
  2. 31-3, just so it's extremely comfortable and then we get to say that Purdue played tougher against ND than Michigan did.
  3. I 100% agree. I told my dad earlier in the week that I just felt like BK had a different kind of confidence about this team, like he knew something everyone else didn't. I gotta believe Golson is a big part of that. But I think he likes the athleticism he has all over the field.
  4. They got a commitment from a JuCo linebacker last week which filled them up, apparently. There was a thought, though, that they took that JuCo and filled up at the position because they felt him slipping away to ND. Either way, I'm not complaining.
  5. Color me unimpressed. He and Orgeron should be able to recruit well, but that's never been the problem for USC.
  6. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-partner="tweetdeck"><p><a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23ND&src=hash">#ND</a> <a href="https://twitter.com/search?q=%23Irish&src=hash">#Irish</a> fans should expect good news this weekend (VIP) <a href="http://t.co/cZGlvrcJNz">http://t.co/cZGlvrcJNz</a> <a href=" ">@TomLoy247</a> <a href=" ">@SWiltfong247</a></p>— Justin Hopkins (@JHopkins247) <a href=" ">November 20, 2013</a></blockquote> <script async src="//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> This, combined with a number of Crystal Balls going ND for him in the last couple days, lead me to believe he could be Irish this weekend.
  7. Barnett's not a pro-style QB. Kid can run. He's not Denard Robinson with his feet, but he runs away from people in his junior film.
  8. Making another visit according to B&G. A second unofficial in one year is a pretty good sign.
  9. We got Devin Gardner's aberration game. Just like we always got Denard Robinson's aberration game. I suppose that doesn't change how frustrating that is.
  10. Yup, and as rules keep changing, that's going to become more and more true. Making the game safer = A more offensive game in the long run.
  11. ND 28 UM 13 I've been trying to factor in the voodoo of the Big House in this one, but that seems impossible, so I'm going with what I think of these two squads. Notre Dame is more talented than Michigan at most positions, and has an edge on both lines. It will take voodoo or Devin Gardner having a game he's never had against a good defense for Michigan to win this one.
  12. Here's his Crystal Ball page: http://247sports.com/Player/Michiah-Quick-20077/PlayerInstitutionPredictions Still more SC than Oklahoma or ND, but the last three predictions are ND, and Wiltfong being one to pick him makes me feel good about it, even if he's not necessarily close to making his decision.
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