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  1. Whether it was coaching, scheme, QB arm talent, WR ability, or a combination of all 4....the simple fact is that for much of the last decade, the WR was the second or third option on any given play (at best). For many years we have all thrown fits about the QB being locked in on the TE from the snap. IMHO, this was due to scheming to what ND had at QB....and the fact that ND has been extremely blessed at the TE and RB position. ND has upgraded coaching, QB talent, and WR. However, ND also has stocked shelves at RB and an all-american TE (if healthy). The scheme will favor improved numbers out of the WR position, but the coach would be an idiot to ignore the talent at RB and TE.
  2. Looks to me like he could be the first punter/LB combo since the leather helmet days.
  3. I am not claiming to have any real sources.....but I can say that someone who I find incredibly accurate, honest, and "in-the-know" told me right after it happened that there was an incident that was a big enough deal that it warranted his firing. He said "they decided that it was in the best interested of the school and coach Freeman to have what amounts to a mutual separation with the Stucky and other parties that were involved" and that "everyone agreed to keep it on the DL in order to reduce impact on future opportunities". I asked for the inside scoop (and guessed around a bit) and got only enough info to make a pretty confident guess that Stucky and the players that left were all involved. ...again, no real sources and just making a guess based on limited information from a very trustworthy person.
  4. Steven A is why I have avoided ESPN as much as possible since they started firing people and giving him raises. His sole purpose in life is to be argumentative and yell his "opinion" at people. Simply put, anything out of his mouth is garbage and/or usually just being said for ratings.
  5. I wonder if this might be that surgery that Bryce Young made popular....the tightrope procedure? Just speculating, but given the nature of his injury that came to mind (also, would be more than ready by Spring).
  6. Given how high everyone was on Rees by year's end, I wonder if DeBoer might make an effort to keep him. Personally, I don't care where he ends up as long as he is not calling plays at ND next year 🙂 Edit: Did LSU replace Denbrock?
  7. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/39294498/deboer-alabama-replace-saban-head-coach Good hire.....even better since his name doesn't start with M and end is arcus Freeman.
  8. As I told my scUM worshipping friend. JH was doing so well that he was on the hotseat, had the university cut his pay, had not beaten tOSU (or many decent teams at all), and most "fans" (my friend included) were hoping he would be fired. Then suddenly, he started winning....almost as if he suddenly figured out the exact plays the other team was calling.....coincidentally right around the time there is evidence they started cheating.
  9. According to the spineless NCAA Pres, Michigan won this one fair and square.....apparently announcing that they cheated for 2.5 years means that they didn't cheat this year???
  10. That is a bit unfair. Brady owes his career to Belichick as much as Belichick owes his to Brady. That would be like putting an asterisk next to every coach that had a great / HoF QB (Dungy, Walsh, Reid, Tomlin, Johnson etc.) or only considering coaches great when they won without a great / HoF QB. Simple truth, Brady would not have been Brady if he was not drafted by the Patriots and was not able to play in Belichick's system and Belichick likely wouldn't have half a dozed rings if he hadn't drafted Brady and/or if he didn't run the team the way he did.
  11. Crazy couple of days....Saban out, Carroll out, Belichick out. Talk about the end of an era.... Saban is arguably the best coach in the history of the sport (pre portal and NIL), Carroll was one of the greats (especially at SC) and Belichick (the only guy even in the discussion of who is better than Saban).
  12. I am just hoping the NCAA grows a pair and scUM has to vacate all their wins since 2020.
  13. I hate to say this, but the Bama vs scUM game was the defacto title game. I will pull for UW but scUM is going to take them behind the woodshed.
  14. In about 4 hours, our favorite college team will kick off for the last time in about 9 months. I know there are a bunch of folks that don't care about the game (due to all of the opt outs and xfers) and there are some that will look at this game as a sign of where the team is headed. Though it is always nice to end on a winning note, and getting win #10 feels like 100 games better than ending with 9 for some odd reason....try not to forget to enjoy the game regardless of the outcome. Thank you all for you contributions to the DD in 2023 and for making it the best site for ND fans to get their fix!
  15. JH might not have much of an option "if" the NCAA hits them with the sanctions that inckude multiple level 1 violations. Though I doubt the NCAA will throw the book at scUM, it is a possibility. Kelly to scUM would be great. He'd quickly have UM winning 9 or 10 games a year with a loss to tO$U and some random team he should have beat. Actually, it might be worse than that considering the Big 10 is adding a couple teams with something resembling a pulse.
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