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  1. Clemsons defense and the bull rush with bringing 7 or 8, totally collapsed our vaulted offensive line. In addition I was surprised how fast they played and with a angry edge.
  2. Besides issues with Book, the offensive line is completely unimpressive
  3. Same as it always was ! Humiliation against elite teams!
  4. Our Offensive line is being handled, not what I expected against Ball St.
  5. Yeah 10 wins, but where's the bounce ? Feels like a needle in a balloon factory !
  6. I'm hoping that Tillery, Nelson, McGlinchey have a great last game and showcase their wares for the NFL, versus hedges their effort in a concern of getting hurt and sidelining their careers. A impressive win would enhance a glimmer of hope that Kelly gets a genuine interest from a pro team, Canadian or otherwise.
  7. As bad or worse than the Miami game, Stanford owned us top to bottom. From the offense line play to the quarterback's embarrassing performance and an anemic running attack, we have regressed to a point that doesn't remotely resemble the promise of the first eight games. Now with our first decommit , the downward cycle continues. I won't be watching ND football from start to finish anymore until Kelly is gone.
  8. Wimbush might be better if he just converted to running back !
  9. Maybe just maybe, after 8 years CBK will move on of his own volition if he gets 10 wins this year ! One can hope !
  10. . We walked into a buzz saw last night, their stadium and their fans were peaked with passion and akin to hatred for us, the bottle through the bus window, the taunting and disrespect worked for them and generated a daunting atmosphere. We didn't handle it well. Coach Holtz would have had the psychological aspect addressed early in the game, a time out or sideline huddle to settle in and focus out distractions. It wouldn't have neutralized their speed against us but it might well have helped a quarterback that was visibly shaken.
  11. Anyone have word on Myles Morgan's injury ?
  12. I think Irma and the possibility that a category 3 hurricane slams into Georgia, will have the Georigan players distracted and worried about their families and homes, which plays apart of the outcome of the game. ND 31-Georgia 27 !
  13. I don' t remember him on the field, but I wish him the best of luck going forward.
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