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  1. Incredible. He'll be good for at least 1 missed tackle a game. High energy guy but he's very poor at bringing people to the ground.
  2. Yes. They are very different players. Lots of offenses carry two TE options.
  3. 4.72 is plenty fast for his style of play.
  4. Liufau misses way too tackles. Tackling guys is a pretty important role for LBs so I'm out.
  5. Not much fear mongering about Chansi Stuckey now. However this is put up or shut up time now for Freeman. Year 3, stocking the roster with experienced players. His own recruits. And the softest schedule in years.
  6. It's bizarre. Unless he has some modelling contract he's afraid of losing.
  7. ND has recruited and developed 1 first round QB in the past 30 years. What makes anyone think that that trend would change. I have no issue brining in the ringers. One of Minchey/Angeli will stay and have have sat 2 years with 3 years eligibility. That is ideal for a QB to take over.
  8. I would think he has something to gain. He was terrible the 2nd half of the season. Put on some better tape. Although it would be better to get Angeli some starting reps.
  9. I hope the sky is falling crew are a little more content with the net surplus of players the staff are chasing hard. ND is not faring too bad here at all. Tyree deserves a shot to play his graduate season elsewhere, good for him. The others are no loss whatsoever and anyone who can catch a ball is an upgrade.
  10. It is odd to see so many people leave at one position group but honestly they were not good. They could not separate and how was that going to get any better. Go find 3 receivers from CMU or the likes who can run and have caught balls in college. Anyone would be an instant upgrade.
  11. Merriweather looks he doesn't want to be there. And plays like it too.
  12. Tyree is absolutely replaced. He's had a good, not great career. One more year of football and then he'll be in the job market.
  13. Time to see what the two QBs we have on the roster can do. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from playing Hartman again. He'd probably lose his job even if there was no transfer portal.
  14. Lets see now how Freeman reacts. Dump this QB - bench Merriweather. Real talk about the OC.
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