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  1. The reason he will not be offered, and should not be offered is because we have two WR on board at his position.. Right now we're looking for slot WR. Also, I'd gladly take Ian Thomas, kid is a stud!
  2. Poster on the 4HL who has insight into the program said Niklas is getting looks at OLB during 7-on-7.
  3. I really hope Ethan's not changing positions. He came on really strong toward the end of the year. Anyway you look at it, we'd be taking a proven starter and making him a backup, and making another unknown at DE. If anything, he could rotate to NG on third downs, and bring Lynch in. I don't see or understand this move.
  4. I haven't looked at the stats, but to me it seemed we were a lot more effecient in the red zone with Rees last year. So many times last year, Crist would get us in the red zone and we'd stall and settle for field goals. IMO, there was one major reason for this, Crist tried his best to find the open man; Rees, tried his best to find Michael Floyd. I don't mind either quarterback, may the best man win, but the one problem I had with Dayne early on last year was that he did not look toward Floyd enough, and their were times when he was wide open. When it's third down, you gotta go to your go-to receiver. In Crist eyes, that was his best friend Kyle Rudolph.
  5. ColinKSU.. I understand where your coming from, but in all honesty I don't think Decker is all that interested in OSU. I mean the way I see it, he could've held off and waited a while to see if he would've gotten that offer, instead of committing to ND so early. IMO, that tells me that it didn't matter who offered. ND was the school he wanted all along.
  6. Things are going well with the Jersey guys... I think we finish strong this year.
  7. At one point Cierre was considering a transfer, but he likes the new staff and will stay.
  8. Flody was at home in Minnesota John, maybe that's where some of your anger is coming from, but still, I was shocked to hear you say Reslife should bounce him out. None of us know the circumstances, and right now,the only thing he should be judged on is underage drinking. IMO Punishing Floyd would be sending a fantastic message to recruits.
  9. Hope we don't put a lot of stock into what a 17 year kid says... With recruiting you always follow the tea leaves.
  10. Its been changed from 1, to an 2 o'clock announcement.
  11. Tebow will more than likely get drafted as an H back.. To be honest, even if McCoy, Bradford, and Tebow come out as Quarterbacks, I still think Jimmy would be battling Bradford for the top spot, but that's only if Clausen has a Quinn like leap in production.
  12. I like Kyle Prater's video, but I really liked Daniel Smith's.. Actually, I thought Daniel Smith showed better athleticism and speed. But it was Prater's performance at the AA combine that opened my eyes, awesome performance!!
  13. BlackIrish you are correct my friend!! But let me combine your post with what Calves said in his. Due to Manti's flexibility at LB, it will allow him to have an OPPORTUNITY to compete in the two deep as soon as he arrives. Filer is being moved back to Sam because he's having trouble learning the Will position, so that leaves Toryan as the only guy at Mike, granted he's stepped up and had a great Spring, but he has a fight on his hands if he expects to keep Manti out of the starting line up. The thing with Toryan is that he's not your sideline to sideline player or a guy you'd want dropping into coverage, and he's definately a guy who scares you if he's playing major minutes against Nevada. I orginally thought Manti had no chance of starting this year, but with the move of Filer and B. Smith, It's not as farfetched as you'd think. Toryan is perfect against the power running teams we face, but he's limited because of his natural abilities. Now to Manti Te'o, one of his biggest attributes according to analyst and coaches is his instincts, I remember when Floyd came here, there were people saying he wasn't going to be able to play because of the playbook and guys in front of him.. Well as a freshman it looked as if Floyd was our best receiver. I'm saying that to say every player is different, and with instincts you either have them or you don't as a linebacker, and he has them. He'll walk on campus at 235, and probably be our most athletic linebacker. If Manti Te'o is starting then great, the kid is ELITE! you can point to Hightower from Alabama (who did start at Alabama at Will in their first game), and Sean Spence from Miami as two guys who've started and made impact as freshman. Te'o was the number 1 defensive recruit in the country according to several recruiting services, a kid Pete Carrol was recruiting as a sophmore and one which he would allow to go on a mission. Personally I think he walks on campus as our second best linebacker. It's up to the coaches to decide whether he starts in game one, but I definitely won't be one of the guys worrying if he's out there. I think Brian Smith would move back to Mike in that case, and Te'o to Will but who knows, he possibly could stay at Mike.
  14. I think some of you are judging Jimmy prematurely, and you definitely can't do that watching a Spring game... He's going to have a breakout year IMO.
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