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  1. Here maybe this will help a little bit more....... http://www.tharinger.com/Recruiting.aspx 4/19/09 Looks like Notre Dame had a successful Saturday w/ a couple elite recruits. Kyle Prater and teammate Corey Cooper were happy w/ the visit and ND should be in the thick of things for the duo. They seemed to impress OL James Stone so much that ND now is at the top of his list. Cody Riggs, Lo Wood(who is loving ND), Spencer Boyd, Nick Montana, Justin McCay, and James Stone are all staying an extra day in South Bend. Maryland LB Javarie Johnson, a candidate for The Hot List, has committed to Michigan. UPDATE: Looks like Johnson's HS coach jumped the gun and Javarie hasn't officially committed to Michigan yet. One more tidbit from the ND spring game. Stamford(CT) LB Khairi Fortt attended and a couple ND people I've spoken with seem to think they pulled even w/ Penn State after the visit. I'm hearing the exact opposite. I'm being told along w/ Silas Redd, Fortt is now seriously considering committing to PSU next weekend.
  2. No need to worry bro, believe me when I tell you that we're sitting extremely well with Boyd, Riggs and Lo Wood. 3 FL DB's that are very talented and versatile. Prater and McCay also enjoyed themselves alot, so we made up some ground with them if it was needed, and we even caught the eye of a surprise visitor for the weekend, Geoff Gibson a 315lb defensive tackle from Vegas. Getting committments on BG weekend are just icing on the cake to what the coaches are doing right now. They're building some strong relationships with these kids, and in the long run "it will pay off" !!!!
  3. Not sure if I can actually talk about it or even post it, lol. But I have a subscription to the 4HL, and P.Sampson posted it himself yesterday that Moore's father emailed him to let him kno ND is still an option. Why would his dad out of the blue email him that ??? Plus the fact that he and Shaq are close, and I believe its been said that he looks up to Shaq, and that was why he committed to USC when it was rumored Shaq soft verballed to them. I could be wrong, but I have a good feeling about Teo, Moore, and at least 1 sleeper
  4. I think get 3 more recruits and end up with 21. No inside info but I have a good feeling about Teo, the staff has definitely put on the full court press to get him. I also think Byron Moore will end up Irish, its been "said" that ND is still an option for him and that "he loves the coaching staff". And maybe 1 more sleeper like Isaac Holmes or Toben Opurum.
  5. I wish that I could post the Rivals article, just to end this nonsense. Its clearly noted in the article that he said himself he knows there's coaching changes in college football and that he committed to ND and not CW, it's also a dream of his to be able to go there. You guys need to cut the crap and just read what's noted in the articles and stop inserting your own beliefs in between the lines !!!!!!!!!! Remember, some recruits actually scan these boards so you might want to chill out a little bit !!!
  6. http://notredame.scout.com/2/814962.html Charlie isn't going anywhere and neither are the recruits. All you guys talk about is the negative side of it all, well how about this.. a majority of last years class were about coming in and being a part of turning ND football back into a perennial powerhouse again. Who are we to say that this years class isn't the same ???? Maybe Moore and Teo and Gaffney and whoever else want to be that person to make a difference ?? Thats how I see it, and maybe so do they.
  7. Found this on another site, free info here : Anthony Barr At 6-foot-4, 230-pounds, Anthony Barr of Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola is physically comparable to USC safety Taylor Mays. Although not quite as fast or athletic, Barr has proven to be a gifted and bruising tailback and is almost certainly a top 100 caliber player nationally. Through six games, the workhorse running back has amassed 1,008 rushing yards and 15 touchdowns on 105 carries. Barr is being recruited as an athlete and has received a scholarship offer from USC, but considering he has more ties to South Bend than Mike Golic has Nutrisystem commercials, Barr is widely expected to sign with the Irish. However, whether he plays running back at the next level remains in question.
  8. Good series for the defense. It was a personal foul on Brian Smith
  9. Golden is gonna be a very important piece to us winning this game. That TD catch right there will get the UNC defense to try and keep him contained all day, which will thenm open it up for the other receivers
  10. No, I personally think Tate will be our slot receiver and Deion Walker will be on the outside with Floyd and Kamara. Can u imagine the problems that Golden could cause being lined up against a LB or S ???? Weis will definitely figure it out somehow because our WR depth and talent has really took a big step forward with the way Floyd and Tate are playing. It should look sumthin like this Kamara/Tate----Clausen----Ragone/Rudolph---Walker/Floyd A.Allen/R.Hughes J.Aldridge/J.Gray Now that is what I call "WEAPONS" !!!!!!!!!!! Spread the field and go 4 wide with DK and MF on the outside with GT and DW as the slot receivers. Now who will b able to stop that quartet, with AA running the ball like his junior days in high school, and RH hopefully getting back to what we saw at the end of last season theres no way this offense wont move and score points.
  11. Over on the 4HL there are a couple different posts that say Shaq had a great visit, even some info from P.Sampson and another poster who speaks with Nick Tausch. Apparently the USC coaches also weren't too happy about him visiting us this weekend, maybe P. Carroll knows a little something the rest of us have been wanting this whole recruiting season !!!!
  12. Now thats more like it !!!! Why not just go no huddle and keep the momentum going thru the whole game ???? Use our passing game to setup the run bcuz it clearly isnt working the other way around !!!
  13. Well there ya go, its outta the bag on a few other sites as well
  14. There's a few rumors going around that Marlon Pollard is Irish !!! I'm still checking a few sites but havent seen anything concrete yet.
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