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  1. I’m joining you. No more. This crap has to end before I spend another dollar on a crap product.
  2. Time to go Kelly. We've seen enough. Nothing else left to say.
  3. Kizer last 2 plays = choke. Kelly seems to paralyze his QBs once they've spent too much time with him. His best records are with qbs who are just playing the game in their first starts Man I'm so glad I didn't see all of this game. Waste of life.
  4. Totally agreed. I don't see how he hasn't lost the team but you never know until you're in the locker room.
  5. Well said. It's in a place now where someone can take us to the championship level. We have the talent just need someone to develop it and maximize the talent we have with the scheme that fits our players and execute. Kelly is just a politician who's always got an excuse and he's ran out of excuses. Today was the cherry on top.
  6. In a protest to the garbage coaching and in protection of my own sanity and weekend enjoyment I'm not watching the games until they announce BVG gone. Bad football is not worth watching and not worth watching our boys be given a poor opportunity to succeed.
  7. I don't see any reason to watch the upcoming games. Don't see why I'd put myself through bad football like this. How do you not hear the "fire" call on punt? How can we not tackle well or at all in some instances? How can we sputter so badly on offense with so many weapons? I've lost faith in Kelly. BVG still being on staff is on him dude is a joke. Blown coverages all night. Things are bad.
  8. It might be asking too much but maybe the new guy could do tackling circuits during practice. Specifically with the defensive backs.
  9. After watching Pitt and navy get smoked I'm looking at how our schedule panned out and depending on how rest of weekend shakes out our only top 25 win may be Temple and possibly navy stays in or sc jumps in. Regardless of the Stanford outcome to this point we haven't made a convincing statement that we are a top 4 team. I believe that's a fair assessment and with all our injuries I can't confidently say I believe we are a top 4 team. Top 10?... Definitely. But not top 4. Win or lose tomorrow I think it would be fair if we weren't in playoffs and I still view this season a huge success without Malik Folston tranquil jarron smythe etc. huge success. Don't let this top 4 garbage keep you from celebrating how great this program has been lately.
  10. I'm not on here enough people be stealing my lines
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