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  1. Just for the record, I'm not Ray Herring. I'm going to retire this account so people don't confuse my opinion with that player. And thus is born the new account KellyisNasty. Hopefully by next year, its a comment on his teams tenacious play
  2. I don't think we can assume that Crist's job is safe next spring. Kelly doesn't seem like the coach who will put up with mediocrity or a lack of progress for too long. Crist right now is the stumbling block and our season will only go as far as he can take us.
  3. This thread is so funny. When we were looking for a coach last year, most were drooling over Meyer. And the people who said they didn't want him cause hes human garbage were dismissed as jealous haters.
  4. I'm very close to this discussion. Believe me, the bitterness doesn't settle in till you start missing dates that the medical staff says you should be at or near after your procedure. I kept my mouth shut during the whole process, but I wish more athletes would pressure the staff into keeping hurt individuals on the bench where they belong without fear of losing their jobs. This staff is very hostile toward injured players IMO. People disappear into the depth chart when they break the man code. In reality, these kids should be able to tell the truth to the trainers when they cant go. It all starts at the top IMO.
  5. Is he practicing not throwing in a crappy direction to his wide-open receivers? Cause that's the only direction I want to see.
  6. Parents bitch to the media, not the athlete. Players do their dirt at parties and around campus. You think he's really dumb enough to shut the door if he decides to come back or there is a lock-out?
  7. Real football, or still reliving your high school glory days 40 years ago as a 3rd string punter? Cause I see a lot of that round here. Those days of "be a man and walk it off" are loooong gone. This is a multi-million dollar business. Just wait till Rudy or his parents start chirping. That'll be fun cause its comin.
  8. Good thing Kelly taugh them the difference between being hurt and being injured. This old school coach Kilmer bullshit has got to go. If you're hurt, you're hurt.
  9. Huge screw-up by Kelly and the medical staff. Not only does it wear on the trust of the players, but it will be used against us on the recruiting trail.
  10. Where are the people who told me that Kyle should gut out his injury for the past few weeks? I told you so doesn't make me feel better
  11. Crist has completely changed his throwing motion that he's had his whole career even up to the spring game. Gone is the sidewards motion that no one tried to correct during his time behind Clausen. That has to be the source of his accuracy troubles.
  12. Methinks Dayne will continue with the sleeveless exposed shoulder pads. At this point though, I can't imagine how it could make his accuracy any worse.
  13. AA needs more quality touches. He's only being used in obvious run siuations like 2nd and 10 and 3rd and short. I'm frickin tired of 3rd and very long. 1st downs have been a joke this year. May as well just kneel down for all the production we've gotten on that down this season. At least it wouldn't be another hold.
  14. I guess it depends if you believe numbers without context or your own two eyes. Its not always about completions vs incompletions. Its about ball placement and ability to make most of the throws. I would feel more comfortable if his problem was decision-making. Accuracy and moxy are two things that are difficult if not impossible to coach.
  15. A win is not a win in CFB. This aint the NFL, more like figure skating. Style points count Although at this point, ranking shouldn't be their motivation in the slightest, so I'll take it.
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