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  1. Love the Riley Leonard pick up. His mobility could be key with breaking in a new offensive line next season. Don't understand how fans wouldn't want to bring in competition at the most important positions.
  2. I can't grasp the people calling this catastrophic or a disaster. The WR's this year were the worst I can ever remember, and maybe some spring cleaning is necessary. Catostrophic or Disaster would be our 4 top corners or offensive lineman transferring out....not our WR group. It definitely hurts us for the bowl game...but I guarantee you we will be able to replace Rico's 27 catches and 1 touchdown next year with someone else. Same goes for whatever Merriweather did. Tyree was a team guy for all these years and deserved a shot to go somewhere else where he can be more featured. We will get other players and I suspect they will be better next year.
  3. Rico Flores seems like a great kid and he is a very hard worker. Exceeded all expectations this year. He is a good young WR that I hope stays with the program. But I don't think he makes or breaks the program. I don't think any of the WR's in the current room do. The WR room held back the offense so much this season and couldn't get open against good defenses. You can't win consistently without completing passes to your wide receivers. Rico was better at getting open than some of the others in the room, but he still had his own significant issues with separation and getting open in one-on-one coverage against good teams. I suspect he can work on that and improve. If he leaves, the greatest impact will be short-term as it relates to the upcoming bowl game, as ND simply does not have enough bodies at the position right now. But I am not sure he walks into any top 10 college football program next year as the undisputed WR1 or WR2. Edit: Rico announced his decision to transfer. Best of luck.
  4. Howard Cross: I have given you the greatest defensive performance in your ND Fandom history vs Duke. Xavier Watts: Howard, hold my beer.
  5. Our best offense us pounding it w Estime and Love and then play action. That's what we should be doing
  6. Need to keep running the ball and wear them down along with the clock. Defense needs to figure out the crossing routes. It's the only thing working for USC
  7. Only a matter of time until USC hits a big one...need to move the damn ball. Over this offense.
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