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Mike Floyd


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Maybe it means something and maybe it doesn't. Let the discussion begin:


About the only surprise was Cretin-Derham Hall star wide receiver Michael Floyd making an unannounced visit wearing a Gophers sweatshirt and hat. Brewster and his staff hope Floyd is wearing the same attire in early February.




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The thing it tells me is that he is not likey the silent that some have prognosticated. If he were, he certainly wouldn't be attending others practices or making visits anywhere.


I still think ND has a great shot with him but have to admit I am concerned. It's not this incident, it is the time it has taken to get a read. Of course I had similar concerns with Filer as well and we all know how that turned out.

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Guest heismancaliber

latest article on Scout sounds real encouraging in regards to Floyd and ND. Scheduled his official for the USC game and it appears to be his only one (so far)

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The St. Paul Pioneer Press published the following:


The Insiders say Notre Dame and Ohio State are the clear front-runners for Cretin-Derham Hall senior wide receiver Michael Floyd. Floyd was a high-school version of ex-Viking Randy Moss during the Raiders' intrasquad scrimmage Wednesday.

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