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Irish Bowl over Volunteers

Guest SirJohn

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Guest SirJohn

From New York Dail News.


I am at this point in November only concerned with Navy and the remaining two teams on our schedule. I am NOT into bowl talk but since it is out there my two cents is this since it is the future.


If I had my druthers, I would not have ND in Fiesta. The problem for me of a match up with Penn State is it will be a remarkable game. Old JoePa of 350 plus wins and "New Guru" Weis. That does have Bowl and Media drooling. In fact would pull much attention from other Bowls. More sky high TV ratings.


The hook in there in Penn State and JoePa are the first game we play in 2006. As you know though Weis wanted focus on the team this year the Pitt Game when they were ranked and we were something like #40, was all NFL Weis and Wanny Media chatter.


We play Penn State again in 2007. The chatter won't really be there. I am thinking PR value here. This year there has been more media chatter about ND then I hasve ever seen. I'd like to keep that ball rolling for ND in 2007. We sure are no longer irrevant. :D (Ok so I talked about something I didn't want to talk about yet :lol: )






Weis' Irish Bowl over Volunteers, BCS



SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Notre Dame's BCS chances appear to be alive and flourishing.

Representatives from the Fiesta, Orange and Sugar Bowls were all in the press box at Notre Dame Stadium yesterday to watch the eighth-ranked Irish score 20 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to defeat Tennessee, 41-21.


In the locker room afterward, everybody seemed to be happy, except maybe Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis, who was still drying off from an unexpected Gatorade bath.


"I have to look at the videotape and see who did it," he said, smiling. "They know I don't like it, but I guess I can take one for the team."


The Irish (6-2) - as an independent - must win at least nine games and finish in the Top 12 in the final BCS standings to become eligible to play in a BCS game.


They were ranked 14th last week but should qualify if they win out; they have home games against Navy and Syracuse before closing the season at Stanford. The Fiesta Bowl already is salivating about the possiblity of a Notre Dame-Penn State matchup Jan.2, which could do a bigger TV number in the East than the BCS title game at the Rose Bowl two nights later.


There is a lot at stake here. This is the final year of the current BCS contract and the last time the Irish can pocket a $15 million payday if they play in one of the big games. Under the new arrangement, which starts next year, Notre Dame will receive $5 million-plus from the BCS, whether they play in one of the four elite games or not.


This game was not without some suspense. Notre Dame let a 21-3 lead slip away and needed a 4-yard touchdown pass from quarterback Brady Quinn to wide receiver Jeff Samardzija with 13:57 left to pry loose from a 21-21 tie against a once SEC-championship-caliber, now desperate team that now has lost four straight.


Quinn, who was pressured the entire game, threw for 295 yards and three touchdowns against a relentless Vols' defense that only had given up two field goals against Alabama in Tuscaloosa.


Samardzija, who has caught a school-record eight touchdown passes in eight games, started the avalanche, catching an under route from Quinn, then turning upfield, getting a great block from Maurice Stovall and racing 73 yards up the left sideline to set the Irish up with a first-and-goal on the UT 2 for the go-ahead score.


"That was the biggest play of the game," Weis said. "They had just tied it up and all of a sudden the momentum swung back our way."


This is the type of game Notre Dame used to give away in the past. But Weis is changing that mind-set with his creative play-calling, which constantly puts his players in position to make game-changing plays, and with his renewed emphasis on special teams.


The Irish had 188 yards in returns against Tennessee (3-5). Starting safety Tom Zbikowski, who also plays on the Irish's punt coverage and return teams, had a large chunk of that, taking a punt in traffic, hesititating for a second, then bursting into the open field, racing 78 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter.


"There was no way I was fair-catching it," Zbikowski said. "I'd catch too much grief from my teammates."


Weis has been playing starters on special teams all season in an effort to produce the hidden yardage that made a huge difference against the Vols. "If you play your starters on special teams and somebody gets hurt, people are going to call you a dummy," Weis said. "I don't think anybody was calling me a dummy after Zibby took off on that punt return."


Zbikowski, a 5-11, 200-pound junior from Arlington Heights, Ill., has been producing his own highlight reel all season, adding another touchdown on a 33-yard interception of Erik Ainge in the fourth quarter to drain the life out of the Vols.


Zbikowski has scored four spectacular touchdowns in Notre Dame's past three games, also returning a punt 60 yards against USC and returning an interception 83 yards against BYU. "I'm just trying to catch up with Jeff," he said.


Zbikowski is used to throwing knockout punches. He is an amateur boxer who was a national finalist in the Silver Gloves in 1998, 1999 and 2000. He has a 60-13 record and has taught some of his teammates how to box.


"He lifted my spirits," Weis said. "I was thinking about giving him a break on special teams, but he's kind of changed my mind."


Originally published on November 6, 2005

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Guest SirJohn

Exerpt from NY Times.com by Ray Glier



Mike Allen, a representative of the Fiesta Bowl, had no comment about picking the Irish, but other bowl representatives at Notre Dame Stadium on Saturday said it was doubtful that the Fiesta would pass on Notre Dame. The Fiesta has a tie-in with the Big 12, and if the bowl loses Texas to the national championship game at the Rose Bowl, organizers would have first choice of other teams.

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Guest SirJohn

:D It would indeed Champion. (Both took heat at the start of the year.)


Since I trust we would thump em. :D That leaves a bad taste in Penns mouth 2006. Could build it as a return Grudge match? So I would rather save some desert for next year. Ahahaha.


Right there with the two you have more media bring back Weis 15 year deal, $40 million and what does the old 'Grand Master of football earn?"


I think I just gave Taylor and Mandrel over at Sports Illistrated two future colums there. Ahahahah :lol: Lord has the worm turned and the mouse roared.

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Guest SirJohn

Georgia Tech is the team in Rudy. "Rudy..Rudy..Rudy" Students were chanting "Zibby...Zibby...Zibby." When he exited after Tenn game. Be nice if the student going change the name some to Zibby 2005 :lol:

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