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Derrell Hand suspended indefinitely


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Guest Irishjt

Just released by ND:


Derrell Hand, a junior defensive end/nose tackle, has been suspended

indefinitely from the Notre Dame football team for violation of team rules,

head coach Charlie Weis announced Friday.



And I have heard it had to do with a Prostitute as well.

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Guest irishrick

i see nothing in the police blotters of the area , must be a minor rule and Charlie wanted to get his intention ? thats my best guess? is he still in school ? what say you Practice starts Monday .... :(

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Welome to The Domain Irishjt... 8)


Bummer for Derrell. But you have to appreciate the way Coach Weis has taken a 'no nonsense' approach here. Not like some of the other coaches around the NCAA and their Penalty based on anticipated contribution stance.

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Guest SirJohn

Welcome Irishjt :D


He is still enrolled in scholl. My best guess despite internet gossip is something minor like missing a trsaining session or beig late to a meet.

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i know this is gonna make me sound like the biggest homer, and i realize that hand is not yet 21 ( i think ) but i have long thought that prostitution should be legal and i find it infuriating that police dept.'s waste time and taxpayers money on "sting" operations!


no, i'm not for a lot of standing on street corners. i'm for regulating it and only having it in specific areas and the age-limit be enforced ala cigs, booze, etc.


jeebus, don't we as a society have a lot more than whether two consenting adults want to engage in sexual activities with one of those adults being given money in exchange?


ok, 'nuff said! off my soapbox! :oops: :wink:

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Indefinite suspension? Not forgiving what he did, but if I was Hand the first question I would ask Coach Weis is when can I come back and what am I allowed to do while on suspension. Being a Catholic university I would assume he would be forgiven and come back to the team. I would speculate their could be two points at which he can come back; 1) If he is gulity when he pays his fine or completes his community service, etc... or 2) Coach Weis could make an example of him and ban him for the year.


A lot will depend on what Coach Weis allows him to do while he is suspended. For Hand if loses this year then I find it hard to see him ever making it to a starting spot.


Lets hope for Hand's sake he learned his lesson and ND takes him back before the end of the year.

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