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First Play Against GT


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Ok, what is everyone's guess for the first play of the game against GT. After AA retuns the ball to the 25. My guess is DD in the shotgun with JC lined up beside him, JC motions out, DD quick hitch to JC (Laterally), JC sends a bomb to Carlson down the seam for a 75 yard touchdown.


Hey, a man can dream.

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After Armando runs the opening kick back for a TD we onside kick.

Then, the first play from scrimmage is the "sleeper" play where we draw them offsides and then everyone acts as if the play is dead expect Kumara who sneaks down the sideline and catches a perfect spiral from Clausen for another TD.


I don't know what happens after that

as I suddenly woke up.





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Guest Deimos

I agree. The kickoff will be the first play. Now, the first play from scrimmage? Tight End blitz. (No one even thought for a second that we would be on defense, did they?)



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