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Recruitment Status

Guest Deimos

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Guest loweND

The way I see it, our average star rating should only go up. From here on out, it seems to me that ND is only looking at 4 star guys.

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Guest medvnd

I agree Russ. All but a handful of the five-star recruits (on Rivals, that is) have already committed, and the remaining ones are scattered around the country. I don't see any one school, with the possible exception of USC, landing enough five-stars to surpass our class, that could very well have 19 or 20 four- and five-star players. Guys like Crist and (if we land him) Baldwin may very well rise to five-star status as well.


I'll be the first to say that the star and ranking system is flawed and almost meaningless, but the kids still pay attention to it--see Dan McCarthy's statements about recruit rankings at his commitment yesterday. Momentum is our greatest ally right now.

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We could also see some of our 3-stars easily move up to 4. Hafis Williams (if I remember right) was second-team All-America previously. Posluszny is coming off an injury.


So we may get a bump from those guys too

i agree. i also could see omar hunter moving up to 4-stars. after watching his video its hard to understand why he isn't a 4-star player already. i could see johnson, floyd, baldwin and filer all moving up to 5-star status as well in the end.

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Isn't Jeremy Brown 3 stars?


Of our 3 stars, Williams and Posluszny seem to be the only ones with a chance to move up to 4 stars. I would be surprised to see Golic, Cave, or Newman bumped up.


Crist also has the chance of getting bumped up.

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