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I just wanted to take a minute and commend you on what you have brought to the DD. You have only been a member since mid April and you have already turned out to be a kickass addition to the DD.


Your effort and insight is enormously appreciated by me, and I'm sure the rest of the board.


Just wanted to say thanks!


Now, go out and get me some inside info. :lol:

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Guest The Army Awakens

Thanks a lot Calves you have been working as hard as Corwin to get the news out there to us loyal humble ND fans... Keep it up... And hopefully we can start working on 2009 when the offers go out...

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Guest Hejduk23
while he's not as good looking as me, he is *clearly* the superior poster!


Now that is funny!!! :lol:


I agree Rock! Keep up the good work Calves!

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i really appreciate all the work you do calves. i used to spend a lot more time following recruiting and looking up other boards and articles. however, i've had a lot going on recently and just can't spend the time i'd like to on it. your efforts to keep everyone informed have helped me a lot. of course i appreciate everyone who is able to give inside information or news from campus, rockne and AA respectively. there are many others who i would like to thank but don't want to hijack the thread. one quick question that only one person need reply to, where is nick?

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You do have some great posts Calves...must have something to do with being in Illinois! :D


Which is next to Indiana. :lol:


Which is next to Ohio :lol: :lol: (Born and raised)


Great work Calves, like to meet you someday. If you talk anything like you type, we could sit in a bar and talk all night.

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Calves, you are an important member of DD. I'm glad to have you here man. I remember when you came along, I was at what..? 275 post. Your now in the 1,000 club, and I'm sitting at 500. lol, I laugh now, but your hardwork shows, and I mean that on everyones messageboards. haha..

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