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Gettin' Close


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i appreciate it guys, 400 votes today, and I cant get any help from my domers.


I thought id get 1K easy with all my connections and I was def gonna give a shoutout to DomerDomain on my video, but for what? Id be all for helping out another domer, kinda dissappointed right now

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site should be up. there was something about the fake emails. i guess make a name with a legitiment EMAIL, and then vote, if u have wives w/emails, use them too. i appreciate it guys. i need 300 more votes 4 days, so we should bang these out easily.

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Guest NDgirl09
thanks, i wish u were at least 18....lol j/k. i really do appreciate it though.


give me two years, alright?? lol j/k. No problem man.

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