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QB Predictions....


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Long time reader.......1st time poster. Just thought I'd like to pass along what I heard this weekend. Was at a local restaurant & met someone who went to Oaks Christian high school, & said they know people at N.D., & also know J.C. & Marc Tyler quite well. They said that what they heard is that J.C. is in the bottom two of the QB's! This is supposedly from the horses mouth, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow. P.S...........Don't shoot the messenger.

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Guest Hejduk23

in the last month I have heard the following...


I have heard "from a guy in the know" that DD is the guy for next year. And that I could take that to the bank!


I have heard on another board that supposedly "the team thinks" that JC is the guy. That based on the poster knowing several guys on the team.


Now Gipper says he met someone at a restaurant that knows people and that Jimmy is in the bottom two.


I for one will be sick to my stomach if Jimmy isn't in the top two. I have ZERO faith in Evan and am not sure how I feel about DD anymore. Not so sure I can just take the events last week at face value...but hey, thats just me.


I like Zach but am not sure "based on only what I've seen personally" that he is THE guy.


So, in conclusion, I sure as heck hope that JC is everything he is suppose to be and can lead us back...otherwise...next year might not be a lot of fun.


angry dissagreement in 3...2...1...


So to head that off at the pass...Yes, I know that Charlie knows best...blah blah blah...and yada yada yada...I know...those are just my opinions! Take them for what they are worth...about 2 cents!

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Guest SirJohn

Welcome gipper2nd as well, Nah we won't shoot the messinger :lol: You ever get into a 'thing' here come PM one of us mods, your opinions are welcome. And welcome to DD :D

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