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I saw it tacked up on the II. Its premium access right now apparently, but the announcement of a 13th is visible for anyone. It's Newman alright.


This is major sigh of relief time. He is so critical for the rest of DL recruiting, as well as for what we're trying to do on defense now. Prototype fit for this D. I was paranoid that people would try cliff diving as a sport if he didn't pull the trigger on this visit. But the apprehension is all gone now. Time to celebrate!


:D :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :drunk: :clap: :clap: :drunk: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :D


To the biggest commit yet - literally! Welcome aboard Brandon. Put a feather in my Memorial Day weekend cap.

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this is huge news. Obviously we are doing great on the 08 recruiting already with both talent and the numbers. But what is pretty cool is that it is already a well rounded class spread out among most positions, although we still don't have a RB, DB. But overall, we are covering all positions in this impressive start.

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Guest SirJohn

We will get there Rock kids are seeing we are serious in closing the door early so they sure better come in now or be sut out, go to Illinois for all we care :lol:

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Illinois, there's a school we have not heard much from this recruiting season. Gee, that's a shame.


Yeah, I have to admit I thought they would have a bigger year recruiting thus far. I know it's early, but they only have 2 commits and seem to have only outside shots on any of the big boys from in state, Filer, Goebel, Pocic etc.

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