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Garret Goebel


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I realized that there wasn't an "official" Garret Goebel thread - not just about a specific interview or whatnot - so decided to differentiate him from Pocic, and give him his due at DD. :D


The latest scout interview of Goebel:


Wrestling with Gas Prices


Even though Allen Wallace is often slammed by the guys here for slanting a prospect's interest away from ND in his writeups, this article doesn't give that effect whatsoever.


Goebel already has an unofficial visit scheduled with Notre Dame on May 30. "I love all the tradition they have," he said. "Everything about them…their stadium, the Golden Dome, the coaches…it's just all great. I also know a few guys who are already committed to them and they are really excited. They can't wait to go there and it would be nice to already know some people."


He says that the Irish are recruiting him the hardest. "They text me a lot," Goebel said. "I call them pretty regularly."


Its not like he didn't mention good things about other schools too, but the only school that solicited the word choice of "love" was Notre Dame. I think we're in the lead for this guy, though it's JMO.

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Guest irish_at_birth

can you imagine a running back, on a running plays, looking at:


Goebel Newman Cwynar


Fleming McDonald Poz Sabino


* I picked those that are irish or may be soon, except for probably Sabino.

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our defense is going to be nasty.


we're getting our guys. paskorz, nagel, and kerry neal are going to be good LBs. Kerry Neal may play as a frosh, Paskorz maybe a DE by his soph year (lol) and Nagel's turning into a nice looking LB as well.


Nagel was an AA and no one really talks about him, but i think these guys are going to push for playing time as sophs no doubt.

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Goebel Returns From Notre Dame


I know the article itself is premium, but the caption that is available for all to read is puzzling:


Garrett Goebel of Montini Catholic High School (Lombard, Ill.) is one of the top prospects in the Midwest this year and he has scholarship offers from coast to coast. Notre Dame is one of the schools Goebel is considering and he made his second unofficial visit to South Bend this week.


Does that seem right to you guys? I'm guessing the writer just made a gaff, and had really poor word choices, but I wanted to be 100% on it. Writers really ought to be careful about how they phrase things.


Either way, it sounds like Goebel got 1 on 1 attention the whole time while he was there.


Its funny, because some/most people here are convinced an ND verbal is an inevitability, but I also know that Buckeye fans are convinced he's destined to be a Buckeye. At least with the Sweat thing, there were doubters about ND's odds, but it'll be interesting to see how both camps react to news in this one.

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Calves - were you wondering from the caption whether it indicates he made 2 unofficials in one week? I read that as this was his 2nd unofficial overall that took place this week.


Anyone with thoughts on how his visit went would be great.

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Guest seniorle

I'm guessing the writer just meant to say it was his second unofficial visit to ND in general - once this week and I know he also came to a Junior Day before.

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Guest CanadianIrishFan

New article on Scout says hes down to 3 and 1 school has a slight lead. Don't have a membership but if I had to guess based on what I've heard lately I'd say that leader is Ohio State.

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It's Ohio State. and UM and ND are the other two finalist.

It stinks that we're trailing because we didn't offer early enough. Hopefully Corwin still has some tricks in the bag for Goebel. Him along with either Ethan Johnson or KLM as pass rushing DEs would round out our DL class very nicely.

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We're not so used to losing out on rclose recruiting battles this year. We've only lost Bucker to Texas (who told everybody he was going to commit to ND, then talked to A. Benn and commited to Texas.)


IK1023... are u serious about Buckner - Benn ? ... how does Buckner know Benn? very strange.


Also, didn't we just lose Sweat to OSU.


Anyway, i am very pleased with the recruiting this year... seems we're addressing our needs with quality recruits - athletically & academically. I would like to see a high profile / potential WR soon though....

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We actually lost out on several close battles this year and last year. That's the way it goes in this recruiting world, but I'm thrilled with how things are shaping up. There are a few other needs for this class, and provided we can fill those, we are in amazing shape for this phase.

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