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OL - Neil Moloney


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Guest VagasFerguson44

Zig, let me start off by saying I mean no disrespect to you for posting this. I know you are just reporting info from another site. But, articles like these bore the crap out of me, personally. This kid is a sophomore OL that weighs 240 lbs? And we should get excited about this kid. I could go on and on about this. Instead, I'll leave all you young'ns to the recruiting world with some advice. Take heed of an article like this. It is a PRIME example of why you should not waste your money on subscribing to a site like Rivals.


There are enough "other" avenues for you to get information for FREE (i.e Domer Domain). Take it from someone who used to piss money away on those sites; don't do it. I know it's not really much money, but the value you get is so low that you might as well give that money to a homeless person on the street.


And remember don't read between the lines, read THROUGH them!


Peace out!


P.S. Joey Theisman is the MAN!

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Guest irishrick

hi vf44, you hit the nail on the head, everyone yaks about Michigan , I tell you that we match up very well with the wolverines. upset is due at the Big house. go irish. :)

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thank you all mighty recruiting master!! all hail to vagass!!!

you have passed so much VALUABLE recruiting info over the last year and half vagass. oh wait no you havent.


Post of the year 34 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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21 beat me too it, but here's a little more evidence to back him up.


It should also be noted that Matt Patchan is about 250 pounds as a Jr right now, and is one of the most highly regarded prospects in the country. Lane Clelland is on the small side at 265, but both he and Patchan are athletic, which is a key distinction.


It really depends on what kind of lineman they are; the Chris Stewarts of the world, that were massive from day one, or the athletes that grow into their big frames.


Ryan Harris was about 250-255 out of HS as well, and he turned out to be a starter as a freshman. So, while weight concerns are founded at the collegiate level, they usually aren't that big a deal with OL when they're still just in HS.

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Guest VagasFerguson44

forever, remember Harrison Smith?! I said he'd be Irish before you even knew the name. And that is just one example. Actually, that is where I started to catch crap from all of you. I haven't added value lately. Not because I'm not chock full 'o valuable info. Rather because you all don't seem to see value when it smacks you in the face. I'm back! Now, if you want value all you need to listen to is ME!



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