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Jonathan Baldwin visiting ND today


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Guest SirJohn

Most likely he will get the Weis golf cart tour. Weis was in SB for the Hannah house vote so i assume he is off the road recruiting and tag teaming with the other seven coaches.

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Guest Hejduk23

We had a horrible storm on tuesday. Several tornados touched down and I think the wind did a lot of damage to the north quad. I don't think a tornado actually hit ND but SEVERE thunderstorms went directly over ND.

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Guest gallup21
I don't know, but I hope he stays another day. Charlie was in California today.


And CW will be back in South Bend tomorrow visiting w/someone about Hannah and Friends

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One of the posters on IE said that he told the assistant he was touring with that his primary goal is an education; aka getting the degree. If thats the case, then we stand a good chance.



yeah, because we haven't heard that line before. haha

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Guest Shamrock83

I can't remember the name... but who was the kid last year who had ND in it until the end and supposedly the most important thing to him was education....


Final destination = Florida State



I can't remember the name but that just goes to show you education is a shaky answer

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