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Commit #s by school

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Update for June is at the bottom of the page.


Texas - 18

UCLA - 12

Notre Dame - 10

Georgia - 10

Alabama - 8

Oklahoma - 8

OSU - 7

USC - 7

Clemson - 6

FSU - 6


other of interest


LSU - 5

Florida - 1

Illinois - 0 Great job Zook!

Louisville - 0

Miami - 5

Penn State -1

Washington - 4

Tenn - 5

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Guest NDLawJAG
I think Illinois got a couple of commits on Saturday.

According to Rivals they now have two... One had no other offers and the other held offers from Cin, KSU and MSU.

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Doesn't it feel good to see our name up with the other big boys on the recruiting front again? OU, USC, Texas, tOSU... aaah.


One school of interest that isn't off to a hot recruiting start, and wasn't listed, is Michigan. They've got two verbals at this point, and are close to getting a third. Granted, one of them is a 5 star caliber guy, but he also happens to be a 5'8" corner, not exactly "ideal".


I hope they take one in the mouth in recruiting battles, because Lloyd Carr is really getting on my nerves lately. The way he has handled the "who should go to the title game" debate annoyed me, and to a much larger degree, his treatment of discipline (Carson Butler and Christian Richards III getting assault charges, as well as Adrian Arrington's troubles surrounding his girlfriend's 911 call - he's currently not with the team, in case you wanted to know).

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Guest sbpete
One had no other offers and the other held offers from Cin, KSU and MSU.


Yes, but Thakid said that they're awesome. And he is never wrong!

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Florida - 1


Florida's tally is low because they don't begin poaching...I mean recruiting until a month from NSD.


Well said -- those bastar**** :evil: :evil:


I know I wasn't a part of this message board when NSD went down, but seriously, I had no idea Florida could be so unethical in their recruiting methods. To bark up so many committed trees, and to steal guys from multiple universities... I'm glad we've got Weis instead of Urban. But thats old news.


Sorry if it's been said before, but I hope HS coaches start shutting the door on Florida when they call up looking to talk to recruits. Its not fair to toy with kids who've already made up their mind, and made plans for their futures at different schools. To wave a national championship trophy and a promise that "You'll get to play" under their nose, and flip their futures upside down, is pretty low class.

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Texas - 19

UCLA - 14


FSU - 11

Georgia - 9

Alabama -9

Oklahoma - 8

Clemson - 8

OSU - 8

Nebraska -7

USC -7

Miami -7

Tenn - 7


Other schools of interest:


Florida - 1


PSU - 1

Pitt - 2

Mich - 5

UNC - 0

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Damn you UCLA you keep keeping that 1 or 2 recruit distance. They are having a SICK year in recruiting which is good in light of USC dominating the planet in Calf. recruits.


Florida has to wait until everybody is commited and then start offering BBQs, strippers and a handjob from the man himself.


Ill., now that Zook can't pay his recruits because the university is breathing down his neck, what will he do? take the scraps in Ill. that ND has left behind.


PSU has completely lost it's hold on the state of Penn. The thought losing their strangle hold on South Jersey was bad, but now they can't even keep kids in state. Joe Pa has to get out, and they have to bring in somebody young and energenic to get recruiting back to the way it has always should've been.


Pitt, say what you want Wanny is a good recruiter and is like Weis. Now that he is starting to have his recruits become upper classmen look for Pitt in the next couple of years to start making some noise.


UM, just takes players who ND and OSU won't offer from there back yards, or don't offer at all and take the ones that they want the most. Bottomfeeding scUM.


UNC, Butch will have a top 15 recruiting class every year he is there. The guy just had chemo. he will get his sh*t together and hold down NC AFTER we get Blanton, booya.

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Here is a quick look at commits by school. Though ND fans would like to see how other schools match up.


Texas - 20

UCLA - 19

Georgia -16


Oklahoma - 14

Nebraska -12

FSU - 11

Alabama -10

Clemson - 10

Miami -10

OSU - 9

USC -8

Tenn - 7


Other schools of interest:


Florida - 2


PSU - 3

Pitt - 7

Mich - 7

UNC - 1

MSU -1

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