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Thanks for the Welcome Sir John. I have been reading DD for over a year now, among other sites, but never really felt the need to post. I saw the opportunity to answer a long standing question about Lou's quote and couldn't help myself.


TChris, that is a good quote but unfortunately not the one I was thinking of. I was something to the effect of: "Did you guys see Steve spreading the ball all over the place today, I mean, he would have been doing a great job if he was actually meaning to throw it right to the Michigan State defenders"


There was another one from Lou, and I think it tied in with this quote about how they planted a flag on our field and he vowed then and there that he would never let up on them until the only flag they wanted to wave was a surrender flag.


It was something along those lines but I don't think I'm even close on the actually wording.

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I need to pick it up too (Lou's book). The one I'm thinking of is one where Lou alludes to pulling him out the game.....there're so many Lou quotes that are priceless. Can't remember it, wasn't he (Beurlein) playing in pain or something and Lou said if you toss another pick you'll really be feeling pain.

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How about his on field post game interview after we beat Florida in the Orange Bowl and the guy asked Lou what he thought about all these fans throwing oranges on the field. Lou didn't skip a beat and said "I'm just glad we didn't win the Gator Bowl!"


The man was/is a riot.

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