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Trevor Robinson nearing decision!

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Ha! Good point. But wasn't this the kid who wanted to experience everything from where he would study to where he would eat his meals?

I was at ND for 4 yrs and i figured all that out in one day....IMO these 5 trips are understandable...the campus is HEAVEN ON EARTH...whether he picks ND or not, who can blame the kid for wanting to see it as much as he can?

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I hope you are right. I would really like to see this kid play for the Irish! I like that he has made like 5 visits especially if they are on his own dime.


As for the photo, the sweatshirt doesn't convince me. Wasn't there some speculation last year when a picture of Ryan Miller in an ND sweatshirt surfaced?

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I was on Irishillustrated.com and saw a headline of a story on Trevor Robinson. It indicated that he is actually not as close to a descision as we all thought. This might give him time to visit Notre Dame 5 more times.

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Well I definately think we have a shot now, if he's thinking this much I believe he's not totally solid on NU, that's the only team I could see him pulling the trigger for this early.


.....agreed. The longer he takes the better things look for ND

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Oh Boys!!! We are in his head....just a matter if time now until we are in his heart!!! Keep the tension on the line and keep reeling, may need to let 'em go on a couple runs but make no mistake...FISH ON!!!!!


Kidding aside, really like this guy, hope he comes...

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