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robert blanton - cb

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According to the above article as of late February:


"No one really stands out at this time," he said. "I'm mostly looking for a school that offers great academics. I want to go into business management or financing. I also want to have a school that has a homey feel to it, a great campus and coaches that are looking out for me."


Sounds like ND fits that mold pretty well. But then again, so does UNC and they would really provide him a "homey feel"

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Please, help me settle this debate I've had with other people, over whether he is a corner or safety. Different recruiting services and lists have him slotted at different positions, and I've heard that he could play either position his senior year. Are the Irish recruiting this guy at corner or safety?

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Guest loweND
In a recent interview he with MF on power hour he mentioned that he plays CB and ND is recruiting him to play CB


He also mentioned that he was pretty high on ND.

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Thanks for restating that he is being recruited at CB by the Irish. I thought so, but others had "insider word" that he'd be switching to safety in HS, and was being recruited as such.


He sounds like a physical kid, and in some ways compares to Gary Gray. Like Gray, he doesn't have an all-world 40 time, and he is light (163 lbs) like Gray coming out of HS, yet he's got that tenacity to go after receivers in press coverage. The difference is he's not the kind of athlete that can run the option attack in HS, and he's 3 inches taller than Gray. Here's hoping, because he sounds like an ideal fit for their scheme.

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