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My 1000 Post

Guest shark83

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Guest shark83

Wow, never thought I'd actually have 1000 posts on any message board. Quite an accomplishment, eh?


Just want to give a shout out to all the guys here on DD: SJ, TD, Rock, Russ, Jag, NDFan, JerseyDomer, Gallup, Rick, GWood, Chiro, El Senor, Forever, JFSchellcrna, GoIrish, Dreamer, Dread, Team, Sunshine, 2Lakes and anyone else I missed.


All of you guys make this site very fun to be on and I'm glad I found this site (Although I can't remember how exactly I did find it back in June :lol: ). It's nice to find a site where everyone gets along 99.99% of the time and where everyone opinions on ND is appreciated.


I know a lot of you guys had very high expectations for this year (Myself included) but you must remember that before CW got here, we were nowhere near the top of the rankings consistantly, like CW has done in his first 3 years here.


ND football is back and headed in the right direction and I am proud to be a fan.


Here's to another successful year in recruiting and our young team exceeding expectations on the field this coming season :drunk:.


Long live DD!!!!

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'shark'...as the brother from 'TeamUlovetohate' just said...thanks for the shout out! You are an inspiration to all of us. I only hope I will continue to follow in your footsteps here at DD. I too remember one day, just opening this site up...and there were guys like you welcoming me. Thanks for showing the way!!! :clap:

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