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Recruiting List for Saturday


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According to the SouthBend Tribune, here is the tentative list of those atttending this weekend: (enjoy it, I sure hope the recruits do)


Already ND has six top 100 recruits among its 19 commitments and sits third behind Texas and Georgia in Lemming's recruiting class rankings. Among the 11 players that are planning to visit South Bend this weekend, seven of them are of the top 100 variety.


Tentatively scheduled on the guest list are:



Terrence Austin (65); 5-10, 165, WR; Long Beach, Calif. (Poly)



Allen Bradford (42); 5-11, 223, LB; Colton, Calif.



Matt Carufel (56); 6-5, 290, OL; St. Paul, Minn. (Cretin-Derham Hall)



Richard Jackson (87); 6-3, 200, WR; Clermont, Fla. (East Ridge)



Anthony Lewis (NR); 6-2, 220, LB; Haltom City, Texas (Haltom)



Butch Lewis (62); 6-7, 280, OL; Aurora, Colo. (Regis Jesuit)



Lawrence Marsh (OL); 6-5, 260, OL; Augusta, Ga. (Josey)



Gerald McCoy (12); 6-5, 300, DL; Oklahoma City. Okla. (Southeast)



LaRon Moore (85); 5-11, 185, WR/DB; Midwest City, Okla.



Maurice Richardson (NR); 6-2, 228, LB; Atlanta, Ga. (Westlake)



Toryan Smith (NR); 6-0, 230, LB; Rome, Ga.

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Guest SirJohn

:D Cool 10 recruits? 19 -2 early arrivals =17 8 slots left. :D Will coach hold one or two for Walkons?


It's like my vision, 'fist fights and kids yelling choose me..I verbed first....'


:D Looks like the door is closing on any holdouts. :D

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Guest SirJohn

Broker I don't know the recruit, stats or stars just name and positions.


Seems time running out slots to go running out we need OL and DL Champ you or Snatchy I think said he felt we needed minimum 4. Figure an injury later take 5. ??????


Snatchy as for the kid coming your surprised about. Well if it's an official visit and he's a USC lover he still gets paid flight mabe for him and one parent the free schmooze and food at ND. Big thing he gets to see the "Game of the Year" in person. I suppose "spnging off ND" :lol:


But again with 8 slots left possibly need 4-5 or more linemen. 5 listed as coming but no certainty they Verb.......... Not much room for anyone else.

Hold bac a couple and hope for under radar star walk on? Going to possibly refuse a verb for a slot elsewhere?????????

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Guest WeisGuy05

I would love to get McCoy, Lewis, and Carufel. Weis is reportedly recruiting Anthony Lewis myself. It would be nice to have a commitment from him this weekend. It would be nice to have a commitment from anyone of those potential recruits this weekend. Anybody want to set an over/under on the number of commitments this weekend?

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Guest SirJohn

Irishmac: Any idea WHEN he comes? 14th or 15th? Got to thinking either is OK but if he should come 14th and see upards of 50,000 for a Pep Rally Jeese. :D I see here at DD we do have one from Oklahoma already. Whoever the coach recruiting that area needs a raise if he comes.

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In terms of our needs, here is my opinion of what we still need, on top of our current commits. Let's assume 8 more slots:


3 OL (2 minimum)

2 DL (probably both DTs)

1-2 LBs

1-2 WRs

1 TE (I see Mullen going to OL or DL)


For the most part, most of our openings need to be filled by big uglies.


There could be more early enrollments than just Aldridge. Supposedly, Notre Dame is reviewing 5 kids for early enrollment. This is probably a combo of commits and recruits.


Couple of notes:


1. Carufel will be Irish. Source, not just speculation.

2. Sam Young has set up his first official visit, and the only one he will

take during the season---------Notre Dame. November 5th for Tenn.

3. We are, and always have been, ND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Kick some USC ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest Snatchy_McPants

What is going on here??? How can you guys be so optimistic??? This is little ol' IRRELEVANT ND you're talking about here! We can't compete with the big boys any more! We can't recruit against them! You're all out of your minds! ND should just give up football for good!


..........ok, that concludes our lesson in sarcasm for today.



HAHAHA! We are back in a major way. Good news about Carufel, he will be one of the best OL in D1 football. McCoy would be an absolute steal, already a man amongst boys. I'm also very impressed with Lewis. (Obviously CW is also impressed if he is recruiting him personally.)


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Guest Irishmac1988

all I know is that he's coming with George West and Laron Moore, hopefully friday is when they get in, otherwise they're missing out

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