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Hughes is Irish


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LOVE IT...maybe now Benn will shock the world and change his mind. Actually I would rather have Donald and or Martin



Benn should be attending classes already...he was an EE right? Anyway, I would take Wilson or Donald over AB every day of the week, and twice on Saturday.

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'Tez was there.


I wonder what he thought of Hughes decision?

really?????? zook was probably there too, back in the corner, flipping him the bird......

...Zook slowly approaches Hughes at the booth he will announce at... He whispers to Hughes, "Alright, I'm offering you $825.36 more than you already have. You gonna take my offer?" Hughes responds..."Charlie already offered me a much better thing." Zook asks in confusion, "What's that?" Hughes says, "A national championship." Then of course he announces that he will be attending the University of Notre Dame.

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At Hughes' announcement? Where was it?

Yea 'Tez was there, it was held at Robert's school, Hubbard High School, during his football banquet.

wonder why tez, who goes to simeon, would be at a hubbard high school banquet??



That my friend is a very good question. :?

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