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No coaching changes tomorrow

Guest JerseyDomer

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Guest NDLawJAG
I'm in the twilight zone thread.


I have to agree.... I'm not sure what is more stranger, not getting new coaches or the thought of DW leaving early. If the coaching search has been going for over a month, one would think we would have some finality by now. As for DW, I just do not see him a fast enough for the NFL.

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Its says on the rivals free board that darius walker is going pro and thats probably whats the press conference is about?

IMO that would be a huge mistake.


1. I don't think that Darius is ready for the NFL yet.


2. Next year DW will be a huge part of our offense, and if he does well with all of the increased touches he gets then he will greatly improve his draft status.


3. Darius seems like the type of kid that would stay all 4 years and get his degree.

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I think Weis doesn't ultimately control that decision though. Walker may see us with a new line, etc. and decide that his stock is going to go anywhere.

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