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Larry Coker


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I would like to see Larry Coker as the defensive Coordinator. He has a stronghold in South Florida and he has coached defense as an assistant. He would be a great addition. Team him up with Bernie Parmalee and FLORIDA WOULD BE AN EASIER PLACE TO RECRUIT. Makes sense if you think aout it. Larry had a couple of bad years but we would thrive wit another guy that could help recruit and coach! Coke is a good guy.

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Guest cpprhead59

he was an O-coordinator at da U. Actually a very nice guy too, I met him when he was recruiting a friend of mine when i was in high school...he was with butch davis.

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Guest JerseyDomer




I don't think i want anybody from Miami near ND.


John Palermo who used to coach at ND, DL coach, there for 88 and 89 and who has just recently left at Miami is a guy I'd take.


He wasn't a DC but one hell of a DL coach and LB coach

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Guest irishfan

I think that Coker would do very well at Louisville, and that he would have much more success recruiting kids to go to Louisville then to go to Minnesota. I also agree that although we need a new DC, Coker is not the guy for the job.

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Guest irishrick

guys you have to give cooker credit, he is a good coach, he is just doing his job like you or i would do, why is it everyone picks on a guy , i still think minter is the DC for this year. then its up or out if we don't produce., what about Barry alvarez, rumor he wants back into coaching, and he did a fair job on his last stop at notre dame ? :lol:

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