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AA Bowl Stock Report


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Man, the more I read about Justin Trattou, the more I think he is going to be a complete beast for the next few years. Maybe he could try and convince Major Wright to come to SB. But, I'm not going to hold my breath.



That would be a nice surprise if he does. :lol:

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If you don't already know, the updated stock reports are in for the AA game. If anybody can figure out what Trattou's comment means, let me know.


I think they are trying to say that only the QB and RBs spend as much time back there as he does. In other words, he is tearing it up out there.

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Guest weisforprez
they have aaron nagel and lorenzo edwards both above chris donald.


justin trattou is a BEAST!


The Rivals guys seem to think that Donald is having a much better day today, and they think he is the top East LB. So if Scout says Edwards, and Rivals says Donald, I'd say it'd be a hell of a catch to have both of them commit Saturday.

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Guest seniorle

it's awesome to see so many ND recruits doing well there


what i thought was really interesting was that there wasn't a single QB ranked in the top 25 on the East side. i think that has to say something about willy korn and john brantley although i know it is still early

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