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Romine and Edwards to announce Saturday...


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So are they going to announce on Saturday Jan. 6th?


Should be an interesting weekend for committs across the country...


I'm down in the nolia and hungover as all can be right now, but I was talking to a few LSU fans down here and they say that Blackwell is likely heading to South Bend because he wants to play earlier...I'll spare you the trash talking that came with that, but it sounds like even the home town fans are saying that he is likely to head north...


Great news to hear...

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probably as effective as any player who sits out a year with an injury or academic problems...


So long as he continues to lift weights and run while he is there, he will be fine...Personally I think he could spend the year bulking up and getting ready to play ILB where his athleticism will dominate running teams like Michigan...


When in Rome...do as the Irish do

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Sounds like we are going to get both Edwards and Romine...

good call. i wonder how effective lorenzo edwards will be if he does decided to go to rome for one year.


I went to ND back in the early - mid nineties, and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the architecture program one of the most challenging academically? You have to respect the kid for his dedication to his "academic goals".

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Is it sophomore or junior year that arch. majors go to Rome? Also, if Zo comes in and plays lights out and looks to be a sure fire future draft pick I woudln't be too surprised if there was a change in his major. Just a thought, not that I would begrudge him of an arch. degree just for football.

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