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golden tate is recruiting the tennesse boys


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Guest ndirishfan06

I think its crazy how he put in time studying and got a 28 on the ACT...that is amazing..i mean to think the test is only out of what 36...shows hes willing to put in some hard work...time hes a soph and jr. look out...

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Golden got some good coverage with the Middle Tennesse evening news last night. Alll the local news channels hit on his commitment during the sport segments. On the way to work this morning Mark Howard commented on Tate and his commitment to play for ND. Frank Wycheck stated that Tate was by far the best football player in this area. (Middle Tennesee) We need Smith and Donald to jump on board. Welcome to Notre Dame Golden.

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Any free links to highlight reels on him? I have yet to find one, but everyone is speaking extremely highly on em. Been dying to watch one.

IrishEnvy has a nice profile of him that has a few clips.





Hey Russ they won't let you have access to their player recrutiing page anymore unless you have been posting there awhile.

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Guest JerseyDomer
on the amp piece on rivals he said that he has been talking to donald and smith, telling them that "we need to show nd what tennessee is all about" he said come up to nd with me. i freaking love this kid.


You gotta love that.


anyone who has a B&G account---check out the video on Golden, excellent clips


Thanks for the info 34

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