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G. Tate will announce today!!!

Guest NDinC-Bus

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Guest Kgreene2343

He belongs at ND, his name is GOLDEN.


Great athlete, but where does everyone think he will play. CB, RB, or maybe even WR?


And can he return kicks, who are expected to be our returners for the next few years?

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Guest NDEagles379
I've heard he's an unbelievable kick returner.



We are going to have ridiculous options for kick and punt returns. This year, Grimes, West, and Walls all returned some kicks. Add maybe Prince, Allen, Tate, even Gray maybe to that list. Greg Little could do it too. Hord returned some last year too. Personally, I like West and Tate for kick returns. Not sure who will return punts, maybe West.

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i disagree. While i do think West and Grimes did well this year i'd rather just have the guy with the highest top-end speed back there in order to break the few opportunities when there's a seam for TD's rather than returns to the 50.


That's why I'd like Walls & Allen back there assuming Allen gets healthy fast. Or maybe just one of them and West. But most of all i'd appreciate if our returners just never fumbled, especially with a good offense and a suspect defense.


Also, if we luck out and manage to miraculously turn Gilchrist around I'd love for him to be the guy. His returns on film are pretty impressive (sunshinepreps.net).

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yeah but hester doesn't change speeds and continue cutting once he's chosen a lane. thats all im saying about our returners this year who i already admitted performed well. but look at Oldie's video of the georgia tech game as the easiest way to watch their good returns. on grimes's return he's slowing down, changing direction, like he's returning an INT. It's just a preference of mine for the returner to just choose a hole and go. Not saying im right.


I just want atleast 1 kickoff return for a TD a year. shouldn't be that big of a demand when Weis puts special teams as such a high priority combined with the fact that teams did score on us a bit this year.

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