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8pm on ESPN. Let me know how it goes. I'm boycotting.


LMAO - boycotting! As long as Mark May doesn't show his ugly mug...


It looks like they have a pre-Heisman show on now -- no Mark May -- on ESPN2. Then the show in 30 minutes.


I'm with you though if May starts up.

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They just showed how a committee including two of the four horsemen worked to determine the design for the Heisman statue. Great picture of Elmer Layden with the same pose as the statue right beside a model of the statue before it even was a statue.

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Alright. they interviewed Brady and his parents.


His mom really has a way of embarrassing him. She said they didn't allow him to whine.


Brady said he thought his greatest asset was his leadership. That's what Coach Weis taught him.

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First of many destinations for Darren.


Darren in NY. Arkansas doesn'tt compare. I never thought I'd get this high.


Empire State Building... Rockefeller..Ground Zero (man, I was an eighth grader, that was five years ago).

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