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Brady's NFL Team

Guest bhatta

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Change of pace from some of the Sugar Bowl and recruiting talk.



What NFL team would you like Brady to play for? Being realistic, the teams with a chance for a top pick to get a shot at Brady:



Tampa Bay





Green Bay


Arizona and Washington have used recent first rounders on a QB, so I doubt they take Brady .. and Carr is still young, so Houston would look at one of the RBs (Peterson).


Honestly, I would hate for Brady to go to Oakland. It would be really hard to still hate the Raiders if they had Brady.



I'd only like to see Brady play for Detroit, Cleveland or (unlikely) Minnesota to get a chance to get Brady and lose the rest of their games.


Well .. maybe not really Detroit .. QBs seem to get lost in that abyss of an organization ..

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Guest SirJohn
:D My friend Coach Dan wants him at Green Bay bad. Honestly, I am not sure which bottom feeder NFL gets him but the winner can always trade him away...etc. :wink: :roll:
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The LIONS need brady quinn....but even if you are a huge lions fan DO YOU HATE BRADY QUINN? The lions squandered arguably the greatest RB talent of all time, and that was the franchises highlight! Anywhere but Detroit, even the borwns or the dangerous 0-line of tampa would be better. My Q is if BQ played in Minnestoa...would he have to wear the lineman face mask brad johnson sports? I would love for a middle of the road team to trade up for BQ. This would not happen, but if da bears lose early in the playoffs cause of REX? If the bears lose their first playoff game(after their bye) and is is because of rex. I could really see a huge move for brady quinn. Tradying up that many spots would require a huge amount of high quality trading. I wouldnt touch the defense...but a cedric benson plus maybe a 3 and 5 the round pick this year and of course next years' first round pick. Again trading dfesnsers NEVER i love brady, but an urlacher trade for him...not cool. Ive been an nd fan my entire life and am a greater chiefs fan but breaking up this dfemse would be yoko all over agian. Brady to the bears would probably cause a rift in the space-time-continum due the greatness that would be created.

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Guest Irish4life

- Packers wont grab him, they have aaron rodgers, i'll take brady any day over him just saying, their not going to pick him up with aaron there


- Raiders, yuck, but can see it happening, they really suck on offense but this would be a start, plus he would have Randy Moss to throw too


- Lions are a possible option but man, that team is just so lost, id feel really bad for brady because this team just has flat out nothing


- Bills, just dont see it happening, dont really have anything else to say about it, id hate it too because he would go against the Dolphins twice a year


- Texans still believe in David Carr


- Tampa Bay?? i guess he could fit their, has maurice stovall :D


- Browns is a perfect fit, not sure how their O-line is, and dont they need a RB too??


I wish he would be a Miami Dolphin, but even if Miami had the chance, I dont think they would take him their looking for O-Line help

Plus they got Harrington and Culpepper

But Man!!!!


I can dream right? Quinn in that Dolphin uniform, best Qb next to Dan The Man Marino.

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Guest NDLawJAG

Who really needs a QB of the future... Philadelphia. That being said, I think Detriot get the first overall pick and takes him. They will lose to Minn, GB, Chicago and Dallas to end up 2-14. The Raiders could beat St Louis or NY Jets (I'll pray for it).

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Guest Champion10

Well considering that I am an Oakland fan(guess some of you guys hate them :lol: ) I hope he comes to Oakland, however I dont think we have the line to protect him.

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Guest bluester2000

The Browns (and Charlie Frye) are pretty bad. My as a Cleveland season ticket holder, I have to say I would love to have him. I think his career gets ruined in Detroit.

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